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Sunday at Salt Lick

On Sunday, Alex and I headed to Salt Lick with some friends for a good Texas meal.

One of my favorite things about Salt Lick is that I don’t mind the wait. 594 more words


Chocolate Cobbler

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging about food (and my recipes) for 9 months and have not shared chocolate cobbler with everyone. Shame on me. I was inspired to make this dessert 4 or 5 years ago after having something very similar at a restaurant… it was so good that I had to figure out how to make it. 373 more words


Freezer Fortnight

It’s freezer fortnight at our place.

Freezer fortnight happens when I open the freezer to put something in and can’t find space for it unless I take something else out, thus giving me the motivation to find out just what is in the bottom of those drawers or at the back of those shelves. 478 more words

Tuesday Tools & Tricks #3: We Need To Talk...

Hi readers. Welcome to Tuesday’s Tools and Tricks. Could you take a seat? There is something we need to get off our chest.

See, everything has been going so great, you’re so smart and we love spending time with you, but there is this thing…and if we let it continue it may cause this whole relationship to crumble to the ground. 1,039 more words


Clean eats: blueberry cobbler (vegan)

I’m absolutely in love with blueberries. Afterall, that’s why we have FOUR blueberry bushes in the garden and go blueberry picking in the summer. Oh and since we have so many blueberries in the summer, we like to freeze a BUNCH of them so we get to have them all year round (: This recipe is for a warm and cozy blueberry “cobbler” that’s also good for you! 194 more words


less is more

Be kind to your shoes

I always say that quality is more important than quantity.
Indeed, it is my everyday motto whilst trying to resist the temptations to splurge money on new attire. 123 more words


Berry Cobbler {glutenfrei, paleo-ish, family-approved}

Da ich dahingehend sozusagen zwischen den Welten wandle, hier mal das erste Paleo-Rezept, davon wird es vermutlich auch ein paar geben in Zukunft.

Vegan ist das… 277 more words