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Counter Action: Plum cobbler with browned butter

It’s done!

I’m all moved in to my new place!

Holy moly, this is a good day. My old place is finally sparkling clean, my books and kitchen gear are finally upstairs in my new place, and I am a happy muskrat. 344 more words


Polish Your Shoes for Yourself.

Who doesn’t love the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Either the book or the movie are great stories, and in the days of VHS, it wasn’t hard to find someone with a copy. 847 more words


Gotta Get that Mango Cobbler

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I made Mango Cobbler. It is kind of a spin off of peach cobbler, but a little less work in my opinion (or at least compared to the old southern recipe I have haha). 622 more words

Super Easy Peach Cobbler With Almonds

A cobbler is basically a dish made from fruit filling poured in a baking dish and covered with pie crust, biscuits or batter. While baking, the juice from the fruit boils and bubbles up giving the pastry that delicious flavor. 243 more words


Crumpets Famous Cobbler

What a grey day yesterday was, with an added ice bucket challenge I was definitely in need of a winter warmer dinner, and on the cheap too! 626 more words


Cottage Days: Rustic Peach Cobbler

We’re mid-way through the week and life at the cottage has been grand! This is definitely my place of peace and relaxation! Check out my Instagram… 390 more words


Fresh Peach Cobbler with Whiskey & Maple Syrup

I love peaches! But I admit, I hate eating them (too sticky) and I never cook with them because I have always been too intimidated to peel them. 293 more words