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Mountain Trek to Assomada

The Cape Verde consists of ten islands 500 km off the west coast of Africa and 1000 km southwest of the Canary Islands. They were claimed in 1456 by Portugal, as a refreshment station for voyages to and from South America. 350 more words


Cobblestone: A perfect option for creating pathways

It is as important to pay attention to the exterior portion of your house as its interior. A lot of people just tend to focus on the interiors of their house, spending thousands of dollars on it, but do not pay any heed to the outside of their residential property. 357 more words



There used to be a time that every village in Flandres had its own marketplace in cobblestones, last decades most of them were paved with tarmac, not in Damme ( near Bruges) where I took a picture … 142 more words


San Juan - Puerto Rico

Old San Juan is a beautiful part of the city that reminds me of Spain. The colorful buildings with the streets lined in cobblestone.

The island was filled with all kinds of parrots that the locals has as pets. 15 more words


The preservation of rotten teeth for worthless sentimental value.

It’s about time this ankle breaking cobble stoned heritage nonsense was kicked into touch. They serve no useful purpose in the modern world, they ruin shoes, bicycle wheels and car suspension systems, are left by road maintenance departments to tumble about, like rotting teeth wobbling around on diseased gums. 63 more words