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Nostalgia: New Version

While we were shifting, I found something which was thought to be lost, a memory of something which goes back fourteen to fifteen years or so, and the one reason for which there will be more nostalgia than most of the things of that time. 545 more words


"Acid pink lemonade"

I think that people believe I am naive, where in fact it is really them that are naive. I see all of yours truths and all of your lies. 309 more words

Go buy some toys... G.I. Joe: The Movie (1986)

Like its cousin ‘The Transformers’, America’s fave 3&3/4 inch action hero got its own film, full of animated violence, doom and a cool theme song. Released in the wake of ‘TF:TM’, ‘Joe’ hit the storm of backlash from parents groups and was altered for its release. 156 more words

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Spongebob vs Cobra Commander

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Cobra Commander is the leader of a mighty organization and he has a lot of tech at his disposal. A simple energy gun would allow him to take Spongebob down for the count. 29 more words