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Custom Cobra Emblems

I got some custom Cobra emblems made for my car by the people at EmblemPros.  They’re made of thick vinyl and have a backing of 3M double sided tape.  26 more words

All Things Don

The Top Ten COBRA characters

The things that make an army so effective is their emphasis on discipline, order, loyalty, and hegemony. The idea is that you can take a group of men (nowadays it’s men and women) from different locations and all walks of life, and transform them into a solitary unit that eats, thinks, and breathes alike, and is completely interchangeable. 372 more words



Continued from Part 3

G.I. Joe KRE-O

The most recent version of Tele-Viper is the KRE-O brick figure released in a wave 5 blind pack. 409 more words


TELE-VIPER v.6 (2008)

Continued from Part 2


As much as I was enjoying the fun and colorful kid-friendly new-sculpt figures of the early 2000s I was pretty excited when the 25th anniversary line of G.I. 584 more words


TELE-VIPER v.5 (2005)


continued from part 1

The new-sculpt era, which ran from 2002 to 2007, is an underappreciated few years of G.I. Joe’s history. The original 3 3/4″ toy line was cancelled in 1994. 562 more words


K6VHF Mike Adapters

It was time I needed to get a new adapter to run another mike on a different radio. There was a time that these could be easily sourced from Germany (Dierking) and Pits Funkladen. 174 more words

Export Radios