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Mastering scariness: the mechanisms behind hooding and growling in cobras

The second Ultimate Vert Bio Challenge is a warm up for Halloween, about one of the most terrifying, albeit amazing, creatures in nature: Cobras! These reptiles found their place in the animal kingdom hall of fame due to snake charming, a very ancient and popular performance in African and Asian countries,  in which a flute player pretends to hypnotize a cobra. 554 more words


The Snake In My Bed

We have kids together. Not married (yet). Guess the unmarried bit, plus recent financial blessings started to put some strain on us.

I was finally getting some worldwide recognition for my work. 838 more words


Who's the target audience?

I was asked the following question before sitting down and writing this post: “Who is the target audience in this industry?”

For me, the answer is simple: it’s students. 437 more words