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Small spider

A small spider blew in the wind close to the porch, not easy to capture him/here scarp. As the cobweb was drifting forth and back all the time:


Book and cobweb Photography

I was going to grab some ice cream from the freezer but I realized it was past 7pm already. So I had to grab watermelon slices instead. 106 more words


Mr. Fratto is on a Spiderweb

Man alive, look at that cover!  This is some intense looking action.  This amount of dynamite is probably overkill, but those spiders are huge.  Old school tommy guns, people losing their heads, spiders the size of their heads.   53 more words


Not Even a Breeze

I sit on a plain, wooden stool with a polished, round seat.

A plain, plaster wall runs to my left.  Behind me, it meets the plain, plaster wall to my right. 100 more words



I’m ashamed to say that I’ve just looked up and there is a spider’s web above my head! I shall be getting my feather duster out tomorrow! 233 more words

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