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Coca-cola and Its Ethics

I recently had an intense talk on how Coca-Cola is such a problematic and harmful company. According to the UK students, they underwent a huge boycott against the products and they successfully banned its sales on campus. 238 more words

12 Days of PR: How many Santa’s does it take to sell a bottle of coke? - Coca Cola and their role in the marketing of St. Nick

Written by Jocelyn Courneya

Edited by Pina Capuano

“Santa”, “Santa Claus”, “S. Claus”, “Jolly old St. Nick”. Chances are, that as the Christmas season draws closer, the more often you hear one of these names alongside images of a jolly fat man with a long white beard, dressed head to toe in red. 552 more words


The Land of Coke and Honey and Head Orgasms

As has been required of me due to my entry into the ‘Young Reporter’ competition, I have submitted three pieces of journalism online in the last three months. 263 more words

'Holidays are Coming'

Yes it’s our Beau again.

Here he is over at ASDA Car Park in Havant where the legendary as seen on TV Coca-Cola Holiday Truck was paying a visit. 290 more words


Coca-Cola : Open Happiness With Skateboard Ramp

Advertising Agency: WMcCann, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer: Washington Olivetto


Chiến dịch quảng cáo sữa sexy của Coca-Cola gây bão dư luận

Chiến dịch quảng cáo của Coca-cola cho thương hiệu sữa cao cấp Fairlife mới ra đời đã gây ra những phản ứng trái chiều.

Nguyên nhân đến từ việc chiến dịch sử dụng những hình ảnh cô gái khỏa thân chỉ được phủ lên người một lớp sữa, kèm theo đó là câu slogan: “Drink what she’s wearing”, (Tạm dịch: “Hãy uống thứ cô ấy đang mặc”). 275 more words