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The Dangers of Crack Cocaine

There are few people who have yet to hear about crack cocaine and how bad it is but most people do not know the hard facts about crack cocaine addiction. 346 more words


Overcoming Cocaine Addiction with Professional Treatment

Overcoming Cocaine Addiction with Professional Treatment

Cocaine is a really addictive drug which produces sociability, euphoria, enhanced energy, strength and a huge sense of control. Derived from the coca plant, cocaine is known as snow, flake, gold dust and coke in many countries. 465 more words

Qualities of a Good Beach Side Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center

There are many Drug Rehab Center in FL. A common person’s perception is that these Florida Drug Rehabilitation Services are only meant for musicians, actors or celebrities. 397 more words

Drug Rehab Center In FL

Pensamientos Artisticos #12: Making Art is Like Having a Cocaine Addiction

I have a friend who’s in grad school at HBU for his MFA. He looked through my art then said something like, “It all depends on what you want to do with your art.” “I’m doing it,” I responded without really thinking. 165 more words

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