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How an Amazing Group of Friends Became a Family~

Ten-year old Tim McAllen’s eyes widened as he watched his father fist out his pistol from his jeans pocket. His mother slowly backed up in the living room, her eyes wary but strong despite her constant cocaine addiction. 528 more words

History Of My Books

Where Does Cocaine Come From

Cocaine is one of the many drugs people can become addicted to. They can suffer from substance abuse and will need to get help to stop taking it. 276 more words


Cocaine Sonnet

I can’t score cocaine in Perth:
I can’t find the neon plastic dancers who appreciate the covert way of the snow white powder.
I can’t do line after line of coke and feel sped up and powerful and chatter extravagant bull-shit to my mates. 155 more words


Crack Abuse - The Drug That Doesn't Want To Let Go

Dangers of Crack

Crack is a very dangerous drug. Many people go on crack binges because they don’t think that overdosing on the drug is possible. 305 more words


Getting Rid Of Cocaine Abuse

When I was young, I had a friend who would take me everywhere. It was exciting and he did teach me a lot about life, but he also got me addicted to cocaine which was a horrible part of my life. 259 more words


How Does a Cocaine Substance Abuse Problem Effect an Abuser’s Health?

Cocaine, also referred to as “Blow” is a highly addictive and expensive narcotic. It’s often thought of as a drug used by people who have a lot of money, but in reality anyone can become addicted even after only trying it once. 255 more words