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Cocaine Is Risky To Get Into

If you’re doing cocaine then it’s time to take action to quit. This is a dangerous substance because there can be so many problems that come from it. 287 more words

Cocaine Addiction

Researchers one-step closer towards an antidote for cocaine addiction.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have gained new insight into the mechanism behind a protein dopamine transporter that could help in the development of future medical treatment against cocaine addiction.  494 more words


How You Can Get Unaddicted To Cocaine - Rehab Centers Near You

Cocaine is one of the most addicting substances in the world today. It is based upon the coca leaves that are in South America. People used to chew on the leaves in order to have extra energy. 256 more words


Coca Cola Don’t Need No Cocaine – They Got Sugar, Sugar!

Sugar Sugar by The Archies (I identify with the dog.)

In my last post I speculated on how Coca Cola had managed the transition from being able to addict its customers with Cocaine to finding another way to create addicted customers after Cocaine became illegal. 1,209 more words