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ESPN – The PGA Tour has suspended Dustin Johnson for six months after he tested positive for cocaine, according to a report on Golf.com.

Citing a source, Golf.com reported that Johnson has failed three drug tests — two for cocaine (in 2014 and 2012) and one for marijuana (2009).

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Golf Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

Dustin Johnson has been suspended for 6 months by the PGA for testing positive for cocaine. Now won’t claim to be a big fan of golf, but I can’t imagine playing while high on cocaine. 160 more words


Hard-Partying Golf Great & Paulina Gretzky’s Fiancé Dustin Johnson Kicked Off The PGA After Testing Positive For Cocaine – Report

Golf great Dustin Johnson has been booted off the PGA Tour for six-months after he recently tested positive for cocaine, reports Golf.com.

The news comes on the heels of a series of several alleged drug-related offenses for Johnson, who is engaged to Paulina Gretzky, the… 309 more words


All adventurous women do...

I have spent my whole entire life walking on egg shells… that is until recently. Until recently I have cared too much about what others thought. 524 more words


Hey Look, Golf Just Got Cool Again. Dustin Johnson Suspended For 6 Months For Doing Coke.

Don’t forget the part where he banged another guys wife…

Via Golf.comDustin Johnson is serving a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour after testing positive for cocaine, a source has told Golf.com.   219 more words


Dustin Johnson pulling the old I'm taking off from golf for personal reasons when really I've just been suspended for doing an excessive amount of cocaine. Sly move partner.

Dustin Johnson has been slapped with a six-month ban from the PGA Tour after a positive test for cocaine, Golf.com reported Friday afternoon.

The report, citing sources, said that Johnson has failed three drug tests, including two for cocaine (2012 and 2014). 237 more words