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Day 310: The "Pounce Now" Rule

Part of developing expert hunting skills is to adopt a proactive approach to prey.

Here, what matters most is that you claim it….you can always decide afterwards if you want it or not. 80 more words

Shannon Cutts

One Man's Pets A.K.A. Girls I Have Loved--Jamie Rodriguez

Today it hit me like a shot to the duodenum: I turn 36 in a few months. 36’s almost 40. 40’s almost dead. 
I also realized I haven’t lived at the same address for consecutive birthdays since I was in my 20s (you know what you miss from your 20s? 2,665 more words

La Vida

This Cockatiel is missing her owner!

This Cockatiel missing her day ! Discovered at Eastport.


One very confused cockatiel.

Well I was a bit surprised yesterday to find out that my little baby cockatiel is in actual fact a girl.

*Insert surprised cockatiel face* … Check. 184 more words

A Wild Sarah Appears!

Real Life Chocobo!

Ok so it’s not really a Chocobo, it’s actually a Cockatiel but it’s probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to the giant mythical bird. Great singing voice to boot too! 17 more words

Internet Goldust


This is my first blog dedicated to all proud owners of pets!

I often thought how could one think of their pet as their own child, family member, younger sibling, etc,  until my brother surprised me with a 6 months old orange cheeked, Cockatiel.

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