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Day 97: Grilled Cheese Takeover

While it doesn’t happen often, occasionally your large featherless assistant will prepare a meal and (gasp!) forget to offer it to you for first dibs. 156 more words

Shannon Cutts


He was five ounces of bravado, perched on my shoulder. He would have celebrated his 17th birthday (bird-day?) this year.

He loved humans, parties and wine. 654 more words

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Day 84: A Wicker Makeover

From time to time, nearly all beings can use a good makeover.

Wicker is no exception.

Wicker’s main style issue tends to be – it is often too neat and tidy. 156 more words

Shannon Cutts

Not a good day

So, today I was meant to be going the gym but something come up which I don’t want to post about yet until I get more news on it. 295 more words


Day 79: The Greens are Always Greener....

As any true gourmand knows, much of theĀ appeal of fine cuisine is in the presentation.

Let’s say, perhaps, that your large featherless assistant offers you a green leafy thing for your breakfast. 147 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 78: The Waffle Watcher

Any member of a flock knows scouting delicious delicacies is only half the battle.

The real work begins with keeping them.

For instance, perhaps you haveĀ a large featherless assistant who delivers your waffles to you. 249 more words

Shannon Cutts