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Cockatiel Genetics

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Day 364: Tending the Nest

Even after nesting season is technically over, the most successful of manly manbirds knows it doesn’t mean their work is done.

When one nesting season ends, it is already time to begin preparing for the next nesting season! 214 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 361: When You're Pretty and You Know It

Prettiness may first be noticeable from the outside, but that is not where it starts.

Prettiness originates from deep within.

If you have a pretty spirit, a pretty heart, a pretty mind, pretty intentions, then a pretty presentation is sure to follow. 216 more words

Shannon Cutts

Household Dangers

After seeing a several posts on Facebook from owners who have lost their birds simply because they did not know the dangers that lie within a normal household, I thought I would discuss a few here. 391 more words


Day 359: Free the Pastries

Having feathers and being a humanitarian just goes hand-in-hand.

For example, say you happen upon a bag full of imprisoned pastries.

You don’t question, don’t hesitate, don’t second-guess your instincts. 109 more words

Shannon Cutts

Real Life Chocobo!

Ok so it’s not really a Chocobo, it’s actually a Cockatiel but it’s probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to the giant mythical bird. Great singing voice to boot too! 17 more words

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