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Daily Drama 28

I pretend that I am open-minded, but really, I have learned a thing or two in the past couple days.

(Okay, I don’t have any recent photos to decorate this post. 545 more words

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Daily Drama 26

Spike the budgie is a twit. I’m sure everyone is familiar with parakeet mirror obsessions and their fondness for toys. I’m not certain that people understand how aggressive they are. 311 more words

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Day 26: Salad Bar

Living in a “mixed flock” offers all kinds of opportunities to make observations about, among other things, victuals preferences.

For instance, amongst the featherless beings, they seem to share a rather universal affiliation for something called a “bar.” 213 more words

Shannon Cutts

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to ME??

Caught in the act of destroying my “to do” list, Ozzie takes offence at me documenting his crime.

Males Are Better At Parenting

It’s true, well at least in Cockatiels.

Males are also better at whistling while female Cockatiels are more aggressive and likely to hiss and bite. 204 more words

In Memoriam: 7 Winnie

It’s been a while since my last blog…

 Winnie the cockatiel had to be put down to sleep due to his illness on November 15. Didn’t take him long to draw the last breath after the injection. 290 more words

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Day 21: First Dibs

When you are the acknowledged “alpha” in your flock, it goes without saying you get first dibs on delectable morsels…..

Regardless of whose plate they happen to be sitting on. 159 more words

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