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Day 183: Death to Q-tips

Every being has preferences.

For instance, when you have no feathers, you might prefer a computer keyboard that is free from cockatiel poop.

(Weird, but there you have it.) 172 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 182: King of the Cage

Little kids enjoy playing a game called “King of the Mountain.”

They think it is fun to scamper up a hill and fight off marauders so they can claim the hill for their very own. 196 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 180: Herding

Being small and feathery gives you many natural gifts – including leadership abilities.

In a group, others instinctively look to you for guidance.

Just the way you present and conduct yourself gives you natural authority. 90 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 179: Bodyguard

When you are little and have feathers (and have always been little and have always had feathers) you tend to look like “prey” to, well, nearly everything. 200 more words

Shannon Cutts

Day 176: Nachos

Sometimes the large featherless chef fixes a particularly delicious dish.

It is crunchy on the corners and soft in the center.

But she likes the dish so much she tends to quickly consume an entire plate with no thought for setting aside your portion. 60 more words

Shannon Cutts

Alex and his broken leg

Here’s my poor baby Alex and his broken leg. He’s just miserable :( I wish I could do more, but vet said that he’ll basically have to do most of the work. 41 more words


Day 175: Bag Wars

When you have feathers, a sharp curved beak, powerful wings and claws, and proven survival skills, new adversaries often like to challenge you.

While you can of course turn these challenges down, if your adversary looks particular weak (or tasty) it can be good for PR to accept a challenge now and again. 99 more words

Shannon Cutts