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Operation CockBlock Dicky

The housemate rule of no one back to the house is fantastic. Except when you worry that he might break the rule because he is so desperate to get laid. 19 more words


Title cred goes to Archeology. One of the best texts I’ve received to date. This is bona-fide, pureblood, 100% rant post. Read on for tips on how¬† 297 more words


Nights outside can be beautiful...

…except when swarmed by bugs and mosquitoes, otherwise know as nature’s natural cockblock to outside enjoyment.


How Do I Date If I Have Herpes?

Before I had herpes I dated like anyone else in their early twenties did. I thrust myself into social situations like going out to bars, parties or events happening in the city. 671 more words

97: She Wants To Move

Move, she wants to move.

but you’re hogging her, you’re guarding her.


Mister, look at your girl, she loves it.

I could see it in her eyes, she

hopes it last forever.