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Ex-Googlers Building Cloud Software That’s Almost Impossible to Take Down | Wired

Cockroaches are some of the most resilient creatures on earth. They can live for 45 minutes without air and over a month without food. Cutting their heads off won’t even kill them—at least not immediately. 85 more words

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Hey my beautiful viewers! Another vlog for you this Sunday (sorry its a bit late, we have a 5 hour time difference) Personally I think this has got to be … 6 more words

Long live the queen

I’ll be honest – the first week I truly thought I wouldn’t survive, and that I would be absolutely miserable the entire time. The rainforest is an aggressive environment, and it would have been easier to move to Mars, on account of it being a bug free planet. 1,458 more words




by Eric Hawthorn


Dinner is a plop of low-sodium, a side of fat-free, a small helping of high-fiber. The man and his wife mostly glare at their plates while the kids argue over the facts of a video game. 427 more words


Curious About the Snail

I said goodbye and got out of there. I couldn’t enjoy a party with so many cockroaches crawling around. “I feel bad for Lindsay, but I’m glad it’s not my place,” I thought. 263 more words

Congress Free Trips No Longer Need Disclosure

TheLipTV, Jul 7, 2014

Congress no longer requires lawmakers to disclose free trips they’ve taken on their annual personal finance reports. With no initial explanation from Congress concerning the disclosure removal, many critics believed it to be a clear effort to avoid accountability for spending. 59 more words


Updated: The CIA/Cockroach Infestation on Maui...

A picture is worth a thousand cockroaches/CIA agents/morons…

Typical behavior, everything in the extreme, even subtlety. Can you imagine subtlety being overdone? Well, with the sign a minute club it’s been the mark of their campaign for more than 12 years. 274 more words