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It's Not the Journey, It's the Destination

Our stomachs still full from the Amita Thai Cooking Class, we settled into a sleeper traincar bound for Koh Tao.  As we drifted off into much-needed sleep, our plans were interrupted by the skittering black blur of a large cockroach hustling across the floor.   738 more words


New Checklist of Guiana Shield Highlights Cockroach Diversity in the Americas

Cockroaches that mimic beetles, semi-aquatic cockroaches, and cockroaches that live only in forest canopies …

These are only a few of the 234 cockroach species listed as the known fauna of the Guiana Shield in a new paper published in the journal… 320 more words

Insects In The News

Syrian refugee in Houston – Cockroaches seem to pour from the walls

Apparently YMCA International remains in violation of the State Department refugee resettlement contract and no one seems to care. In 2008 during a State Department inspection monitors noted… 228 more words


cockroach pest control on the gold coast


One insect that is very much disliked and found all over the world is the cockroach. Unbelievably there are more than 3,500 species! The “roach” is believed to spread a range of diseases to humans including salmonella and gastroenteritis because of the wide range of foods they eat including rotting garbage from bins. 459 more words

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Cockroaches (Audio)

On Wednesday I finished Jo Nesbo’s Cockroaches.

This is the second book in his Harry Hole series. You know, The SnowmanThe Leopard… 104 more words


Day 141

Or Requiem for a Shithole

Gather round, friends and strangers, and join me in bidding an only somewhat gleeful adieu to my first, and hopefully worst, Jordanian apartment. 420 more words