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I’m very merciful with how I judge things, whether may it be of greater importance or a thing of lesser – even those of outright uselessness, the no-value one, I still find great value. 633 more words


Expel Those Nasty Creatures Using Proper Cockroach Control In Perth Techniques

The sight of a cockroach is never pretty or healthy. Cockroaches lurk behind cupboards, beneath the kitchen sink and in the plumbing of the house. You don’t have to put up with them. 300 more words

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Eating cockroaches: Healing and delicious?

By David McKenzie

JINAN, China (CNN) — I’ve eaten some unusual things on the road.

There were salted Mopani worms in Botswana at the hotel buffet (black and squishy); sun-dried nsenene grasshoppers in Uganda (yellow and juicy); whole roasted goat in the desert in Mauritania (delicious), and chicken head and feet soup in Beijing (only unusual if you are not from China). 636 more words


Some Truths about Hong Kong

So I have been in Hong Kong for almost two months now, and there’re a few things I’ve learned since I live here. 492 more words


Poem: Cockroach

Dedicated to the water bug I was scared of in my bathroom, the roach found in my kitchen (may you rest in peace), and the children at Hester’s Creative School in Greensboro, North Carolina. 348 more words

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Real time talk

It is Saturday night around 9:45 and I’m sitting on my bed crying my eyes out and well, throwing myself a pity party because no one else will. 262 more words


Maintain Your Repuation And Save Money With Restaurant Pest Control In Perth

An environment where something as essential as food is prepared, must be kept extremely clean and hyegienic at all times. The expert team at Chambers Pest Solution has devoted many years to the research of the most effective treatment for… 270 more words

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