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Maintain Your Repuation And Save Money With Restaurant Pest Control In Perth

An environment where something as essential as food is prepared, must be kept extremely clean and hyegienic at all times. The expert team at Chambers Pest Solution has devoted many years to the research of the most effective treatment for… 270 more words

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Edible Insects Benefiting Thailand's Farmers

THANON NANG KLARN, Thailand (AP) — Depending solely on the rains to either yield a good rice crop or leave their fields dry and barren, farmers in this village in northeastern Thailand, the country’s poorest region, led a precarious and back-breaking existence. 237 more words


Reblog: When A Northerner Experiences Their First Flying Texas Cockroach


^ This is me. (Not in my house though, phew.)

Reblog from #WhenInAustin

När folk norrifrån ser sin första flygande Texas-kackerlacka. (Fast vi har inga i vårt hus, som tur är!)


Ants in Your Pants

Some of the things that kept my sisters and I entertained on long bored-out-of-our-minds summer days were insects. Show me a kid who plays with bugs, and I will show you a kid who was locked out of the house between breakfast and dinner time all summer long. 662 more words


Houseguests, of the permanent and preventable kind

Today, we’re going to deal with critters.

The first, and cutest, are butikis. (boo-TEA-keys)

They are basically geckos, but are a different member of the gecko family than the geckos of the Americas. 1,280 more words

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As I was writing a different post about 2 hours ago, a pagan post, I freaked out when I saw a cockroach scurry across my carpet.   777 more words

A Book's Worst Enemy #3

Number Three – Mold and insects

There are always mold spores floating around in air, so if your books are in a warm, humid place, you can safely assume that mold will be growing in them soon. 332 more words

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