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Perfect Raspberry Mojito

This week has flown by and Saturday has come so fast. It is time to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about work! This cocktail is a perfect way to do so, combining fresh fruity flavours and a drop of rum, to create that deliciously moreish drink. 254 more words


Sorry, what was your name again?...

9:00pm, mamadas, después de una larga semana sin mucho tiempo para relajarnos, miramos el calendario y para nuestra sorpresa era Sábado… y nosotras solas en casa. 640 more words


The El Rey Club

Margaret looked up at the flickering neon sign above her. It flashed “The El Rey Club” in red with white lightbulbs surrounding it. She smiled faintly at the repetition in the name. 742 more words


Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines

The classic cocktails will always have one zinging advantage over anything recent. That is, simply, a story. Tonight’s drink is my personal favourite drink in the whole of creation, and it has the most wonderfully cocktail-appropriate story you have ever heard. 437 more words


一試便知龍與鳳,Man哥既cosmopolitan 真係冇得頂既正~優雅既粉紅色,真係迷人Pink Lady 34 more words


Chris's Cocktail Corner: The Arnie Gingie

Around Labor Day last year, I was mixing up an Arnold Palmer to enjoy in the waning summer sunshine, when suddenly my eye caught a glimpse of some bourbon left on the countertop. 450 more words