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Something Rummy

I have been radio silent of late, which attacks my claim to post a cocktail a week. I would like to say that this is because I have been living the ‘Party Party’ lifestyle and conducting field research on cocktails, though the truth is that I have been borne down by the unequalled weight of university, if I may be so dramatic. 274 more words


The Postal Service

I see this drink as a bit of a Martini/Manhattan hybrid. The genever is like a malty gin, and the barrel aged version brings it even closer to the realm of whiskey. 170 more words


Whisky-a-LoLo (Auchentoshan) Video Blog

Spring may be three days away but winter just simply doesn’t want to go away and I feel like I’ve just had about enough of it. 253 more words


Et te, Brute?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. Tonight, as you may have gathered from my Shakespearean opening, is the Ides of March. Tonight, 2550 years ago, Julius Caesar, one of the greatest men in history, and apparently one of the most charming, was assassinated. 551 more words


Rob Roy Cocktail - Video Blog

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a Rob Roy and a Manhattan it’s all in the liquor. A Rob Roy if made with a Scotch while a… 180 more words


Something Western

I started as a postgraduate student this week, and promptly forgot about writing in the blog. However, I have still managed to do it within the correct week, so there are no complaints allowed. 347 more words


Something Dark and Knightly

Each week for the course of this year (yes I know that it is already February, but I’m a late bloomer) I shall be posting the recipe for a cocktail. 320 more words