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Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines

The classic cocktails will always have one zinging advantage over anything recent. That is, simply, a story. Tonight’s drink is my personal favourite drink in the whole of creation, and it has the most wonderfully cocktail-appropriate story you have ever heard. 437 more words


一試便知龍與鳳,Man哥既cosmopolitan 真係冇得頂既正~優雅既粉紅色,真係迷人Pink Lady 34 more words


Chris's Cocktail Corner: The Arnie Gingie

Around Labor Day last year, I was mixing up an Arnold Palmer to enjoy in the waning summer sunshine, when suddenly my eye caught a glimpse of some bourbon left on the countertop. 450 more words


Bitter in Chiang Mai

I really love the Amère Sauvage that I recently picked up. As of late, it’s been my bittering agent of choice, though not an economical one. 128 more words


Gin Cocktails - White Lady (Pink Lady)

終於黎到喱一步~~~~寫調酒.~~~(都上到第二堂… 仲打緊第一堂既野)

下面係我既成品~~~~第一個就俾人叫左出黎搖…手忙腳亂佢地係咁叫八點二果個位…但我搖極都唔岩直到阿sir搖一次俾我睇 … 混混亂亂咁渣住個shaker… 喱隻又幾好飲,有D估唔到既蛋白mix埋一齊~~檸檬汁加蛋白好得意~~~估都估唔到~

Gin Cocktails – White Lady (Pink Lady)

51 more words


Glassware 洒杯類別

話說 … 唔知點解走左去學調酒… 好純緒俾自己remark同埋recap返自己既記憶。當做一次筆記。 咩都好啦… 我…純緒打返我上堂聽過既野… 當share下又好,咩都好。 80 more words


Pink Lemonade Margarita

Think pink! If you’re looking for a great summertime cocktail to help you cool off from the heat of the day…look no further. This pretty… 552 more words

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