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Amelia Earhart Cocktail

Today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday.

A quick search of the Internet turned up a cocktail result. A website called A History Of Drinking wrote the following about her: 181 more words


a toast to thursday

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nothing beats a colorful summer cocktail on a roofdeck or by the ocean. click on the links above for the recipes of these colorful and delicious cocktails. cheers to thursday!


I never announce a hiatus.  It’s gauche.  I don’t have any excuses, there’s nothing going on, I just lost my mojo, and for equally no reason, it was relocated.   95 more words

50 Shades Trilogy

Easy, boozy, cocktail cherries!

Cherries are abundant this year, and there’s nothing better than transforming them into a batch of boozy, sweet, cocktail cherries. Not only can you garnish your drinks with these beauties, the syrup used to store then in makes a fabulous addition to summer sippers and punches that cool you off when the temperature soars. 304 more words

Wine Pairing Recipes

Seelbach On Esquire Network

Another new episode of “Best Bars in America” will air tonight on the Esquire Network.

I’ve written about the show before. In short though, the show follows two comedians (Jay Larson and Sean Patton) as they go from city to city checking out the list of “Best Bars In America” as published by Esquire Magazine. 326 more words


No. 10 Lemonade

A drink created in 2006 at the Double Seven in NYC.

What you need
2 Measures White Rum (Spanish/South American Rum)
10 Fresh Blueberries
1½ Measures Fresh Lemon juice… 57 more words


Vodka Soda Splash

Today is Rose Kennedy’s birthday.

A Rose Kennedy is a cocktail comprised of vodka and soda water with a splash of cranberry juice.

There are cocktails which people know to order by name, such as Cosmopolitans and Manhattans. 196 more words