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Mad Men Cocktail Hour: Tart Cherry Gin and Tonic

There is something a little buttoned-up about the Gin and Tonic – I always picture a very tightly-wound British Bank Employee coming home from work, walking over to his wet bar and loosening his tie while pouring a stiff G&T.   411 more words


Happy Accident Cocktail

Okay, so how bonkers was the season premiere of Mad Men last Sunday? I’m not one for spoilers–even a week out–so I’ll just say I’m glad to see my main man back and looking as classically Don as ever even with 1970 on the horizon. 178 more words


Drinking like Mad Men: Martinis.

Pass me a Lucky Strike and a finger of bourbon – Mad Men’s back! It’s time to brush off our Peter Pan collars, put on our best New York accents and pretend we’re all as classy as Madison Avenue’s finest. 530 more words


Homemade Vodka Infusions: Toffee and Bubblegum

Anyone who has tried to make cocktails in Ireland will already know how hard it can be to find specialty spirits and ingredients. I’m planning a few recipes that needed flavoured vodka, but rather than buy online for ridiculous prices, I decided to flavour them myself. 195 more words


Mocktails - For discerning non-drinker...

Non-Alcoholic treats

So I haven’t had the time recently for a post, with the combination of work and other things getting a bit on top of me. 854 more words


Lazy Sunday

Alternate title: “Creative Day Drinking”

The Good Times