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Banana & Chocolate Loaf

Although a shop-bought cake is convenient and usually very good, a home-baked cake is much better, perhaps because a little bit of the soul of the cook goes into it along with the other ingredients ! 473 more words


Chocolate Oaties

These cookies are great because they are egg-free and you can make them even when your oven’s not working (which is an extremely frustrating situation for me – I struggled for almost 2 months last year without an oven and it felt like torture!).  152 more words

Biscuits & Traybakes

Tiramisù Pie

Coffee, Kahlúa, and whipped cream? Who wouldn’t love tiramisú? This pie was specially requested and was gobbled up within 40 minutes at work. It’s not as tricky as you would think it is to make although there are definitely a few details to pay attention to.  477 more words


I is for Inhaler

by Lillian Csernica on April 10, 2014

When most of us hear the word “inhaler,” we probably think about people with asthma who use maintenance and rescue inhalers that provide Ventolin and Albuterol, among other medications.  348 more words


Pinterest Fail: Natural Hair Dye with cocoa powder and yogurt

I am all for trying new tricks from Pinterest… no matter how crazy they are!  This concoction claimed to naturally darken/spruce up brunette hair.  I also read that when left on for a few hours it would naturally dye hair.   188 more words


german chocolate cake oatmeal

I woke up this morning craving cake. CAKE.

This is nothing unusual for me. Cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be ideal. However, in the real world, that would be frowned upon … but who cares? 190 more words



If you’re like me, spending hours, days, months and years looking for the best chocolate cupcake recipe, I suggest you try this one. Trust me, I’ve tried 73992 recipes and this is one of those you just want to frame or print copies and paste everywhere. 466 more words