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Chocolate Syrup

This creamy chocolate syrup is a perfect topping for a sundae and makes for a delicious accompaniment drizzled atop cookies and pastries. Easy, simple and all natural, you can eat this chocolate and feel good about it. 53 more words


Simple Peanut Truffles

This is a very easy recipe that combines only a few ingredients. It’s easy to prepare, doesn’t take much time and it’s a delicious healthy snack. 74 more words


Lindt Chocolate and Vanilla Checkerboard Cookies

Lindt Chocolate and Vanilla Checkerboard Cookies

Ava and Arthur tried playing chess earlier today.

After 5 minutes or so their interest waned and started fighting over it.  547 more words

Chocolate and Coconut Ice-Cream Bites

Last week, strolling around the supermarket, I spot some coconut ice-cream in the freezer section. Not a lot of people I know actually like coconut but I have always been the hugest Bounty bar fan so throwing the magical combination of coconut and ice-cream in the basket was a no-brainer. 419 more words


Aars' Gooey Chocolate Cake :-)

Birthdays are very important for our children and for us, as parents. My son has his favourite birthday cake – it is incredibly rich and gooey and all his friends and our extended family look forward to the Aaron’s Birthday Chocolate Gooey Cake! 445 more words

Avoiding Anaphylaxis

Healthy almond butter brownie bites

Last week,I remembered that I have dates in my pantry and I had to make something with them! With their natural sweetness and their soft sticky texture is very hard not to love them! 152 more words


Almond Flour Pancakes with Dark Chocolate Sauce

I usually make pancakes with coconut flour but I ran out and haven’t been able to replace it. Instead, I bought a giant bag of almond flour at Costco and decided to use this for my weekend breakfast recipes! 179 more words