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Food facts

From dried fruit to flavoured water, it’s shocking just how many of us are duped into believing new-fangled myths about the pitfalls and benefits of today’s endless varieties of food. 

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Stare-into-the-fridge soup

The best recipes happen when you are just too lazy to go out to the shops and you have to make do with what is in the house already. 226 more words


Guess who's a happy camper?

Me! My dad finally found the So Delicious Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk at Whole Foods tonight. Because I am a totally sane person, we got four cartons.

Success Stories

Frog's Eye Salad | My Vegan Thanksgiving

This recipe is an old family recipe that gets made for every single major holiday and for special occasions. I’m not going to lie, it’s super delicious. 384 more words


Pantry Staples

There are some things that I absolutely can’t live without in the kitchen. When any of these are about to run out, I get a mini heart attack. 320 more words


Thai Chicken and Spinach Chili

In seeking advice most people aren’t looking for actual guidance but rather corroboration for self-serving motives. A compromised co-conspirator, the counselor, having told his advisee exactly what he wants to hear, thus will be held culpable for endorsing any perceived failure.   301 more words


Coke: Making Milk (Not Dairy?), Costs 2x As Much

The product is called Fairlife and it will sell for twice the price of regular milk when it hits store shelves nationally in December, Coca-Cola’s North American chief Sandy Douglas said at Morgan Stanley’s Global Consumer Conference last week.

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