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Banana Chips: Healthy Chips With Great Taste

When it comes to healthy and crispy snacks, banana chips is everyone’s favorite. This is made up of raw bananas and they are crispy in taste which is light to digest as well. 267 more words

Banana Chips

earl grey tea cookies

Weird, right. These cookies have a lovely subtle hint of tea, a caramel zing of coconut sugar and the crunch of brown rice flakes. The perfect hot drink combination for that late night telly watching (I’m not the only one, right?) 11 more words


No Buttah in These Cookies

These Vanilla Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chip Cookies taste like cake. They’re super dense without losing any of the flavor of traditional chocolate chips. With the addition of vanilla Greek yogurt, I almost like them more. 225 more words


Brownies Keledek Kukus : Steamed Sweet Potato Brownies

Brownies Keledek Kukus


600 gram ubi keledek

120 gram gula melaka dihiris

2 sudu besar gula perang

80 gram tepung badam

100 gram tepung beras… 115 more words

Blushing Blood Plum Coconut Cookies

This week we have had a few scorcher summer days. High 30’s and climbing which equals hot house and grumpy mum-mum and toddler. The only answer was to plan an afternoon beach trip to cool our bodies and refresh our spirits, and the most important thing to pack was snacks (well it is with a hungry 2.5 year old boy…). 627 more words


Roti Labu Tepung Kelapa

Roti Labu Tepung Kelapa

Bahan-bahan :-

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious dessert without the guilt, butter, milk, refined sugar, or gluten is here! These vegan, gluten free cookies bake up in only 15-20 minutes and can fool anyone into thinking they are not healthy, but you know the truth. 156 more words