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How to get started with Cocos2d-x on Windows, targeting Android

I recently got the cross-platform framework Cocos2d-x up and running on my computer for some programming tasks. The installation process proved quite challenging however, mainly due to the great lack of documentation. 2,278 more words

More Boom Boom Powers

Hello everyone! How do you do in the end of this summer? Nowdays I’m working hard on new project and I think it’s the time to recall our previous project, Boom Boom Power, from ESTsoft. 326 more words


Tutorial: How to use Google Play Services with Cocos2d-X for android

This is a short tutorial how to use Google Play Games Services with cocos2d-x. It describes how you add the library to your project. Google Play Games is a really handy tool for mobile game development, but there is almost no documentation how to use it with engines like Cocos2d-X, that are using the NDK and are designed to be cross platform compatible. 800 more words


Use case: Boost::optional

There’re many neat std and boost functionalities out there that many people are not aware of. Let’s talk today about boost::optional.
We will take a recent example of mine that I recently had to face while working on Diamond Dash Android. 479 more words

C++ 11

std::for_each style in Cocos2D-X 2.2.3

When porting code from Objective-C to Cocos2D-X 2.X, I found myself repeating very often the macros CCARRAY_FOREACH and CCDICT_FOREACH to iterate over the elements of CCArray and CCDictionary. 286 more words


Cocos2d-x Calling obj-c from cpp and vice versa

In my simple time-killing game – Captain Chick. I have to connect to the iOS API service like Game Center. As a C++ class (.cpp) cannot derive from an Objective-C class (.m) and vice versa so there are something more I have to implement for accessing the Game Center. 135 more words


Cocos2d-x 3.0 - Simple Cross-Platform Game [Part 1]

This tutorial will help you to get started with cocos2d-x, by showing you how to make a simple game. In Part1, we will setup cocos2d-x for both iOS and Android. 379 more words