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More Boom Boom Powers

Hello everyone! How do you do in the end of this summer? Nowdays I’m working hard on new project and I think it’s the time to recall our previous project, Boom Boom Power, from ESTsoft. 326 more words


Tutorial: How to use Google Play Services with Cocos2d-X for android

This is a short tutorial how to use Google Play Games Services with cocos2d-x. It describes how you add the library to your project. Google Play Games is a really handy tool for mobile game development, but there is almost no documentation how to use it with engines like Cocos2d-X, that are using the NDK and are designed to be cross platform compatible. 800 more words


Cocos2d-x Calling obj-c from cpp and vice versa

In my simple time-killing game – Captain Chick. I have to connect to the iOS API service like Game Center. As a C++ class (.cpp) cannot derive from an Objective-C class (.m) and vice versa so there are something more I have to implement for accessing the Game Center. 135 more words


Cocos2d-x 3.0 - Simple Cross-Platform Game [Part 1]

This tutorial will help you to get started with cocos2d-x, by showing you how to make a simple game. In Part1, we will setup cocos2d-x for both iOS and Android. 379 more words


Integrating LiquidFun with Cocos2d-x: Part II

In Part I I described to how integrated LiquidFun with Cocos2d-x.
In this part (part II) I’ll describe how to render the particles using a basic water effect. 831 more words

Game Dev Update #02-03 - Cocos2d-x - You Puzzle Me

I finished another tutorial today. It’s about making a rudimentary puzzle game wherein you arrange the puzzle pieces on a 2X2 grid. It was categorized as… 304 more words


Include AdMob Banner on Cocos2d-x Android Game


In this post we will show a piece of code that will help you to add an admob banner on your cocos2d-x game in android. 201 more words