New Music| See Oleena

See Oleena is the on-going project of Canadian artist and Montreal-based musician Charlotte Oleena. She has just released her first full length entitled Shallow on an idie Oregon-based Lefse Records. 75 more words

Art And Design

Pinkshinyultrablast - Umi

Pink + shiny + ultra + blast are four words evocative of a quadruple cocktail of heady frisson, the kind of kaleidoscopic complexity that flickers with gems of passion and precision. 75 more words


Cocteau Twins - Fifty-Fifty Clown (video)

I feel rewarded on being so ugly,
Oh, and you’re a lone shadow
I feel rewarded on being so ugly,

Smile and face your wife angry… 114 more words



If ‘The Tourist’ is your favourite song on OK Computer, then you’re more than likely to fall in love with Cocteau Twins. That elegiac, yearning quality embedded in the best Thom Yorke vocals infuses Elizabeth Fraser. 875 more words


New Music: Communions - So Long Sun

What is it with Denmark at the moment. Everything it touches, musically at least, seems to turn to gold. Communions – comprised of brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen, are another one off the production line, using the same rehearsal space that houses those other Danish bright young things, Iceage and Lower. 204 more words


Many hours spent composing.

Four hours later and I think that I’ve finally finished the song I started about a week ago. I may adjust the volumes further, but I doubt it will be anything major. 148 more words

Cocteau Twins