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Crispy Cod and Tartar Sauce

This is one of my favourite dinner recipes. A healthy twist on a classic with an amazing combination of flavours. Serve it with mushy peas like I have or with some… 237 more words


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Thoughts and Review [EGX 2014]

Attempting to recreate the jump in game play and overal game play experience of the original transition of Call of Duty 3 to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; Advanced Warfare expands on the game play adding sci fi elements that make the potential for this game something rather special. 11 more words


Latest from FSA: End of Fiscal Year Impacts on Fund Availability

Tuesday, September 30 marks the end of the Federal fiscal year. Some of the Department of Education’s core financial systems, including G5, will be on a modified processing schedule while processing and accounting for the year is finalized. 57 more words


Review - Steam's Update

If only it stopped me from overspending on sales too.

If you’ve dropped by Steam lately, you’ve no doubt noticed a rather significant change. In addition to the lovely light blue streak across the background (it brings such light and warmth!), Steam has totally revamped how it curates the presentation of the games it sells.  588 more words

Fast Fish Dish!!

Got Mayo? Got Dill? Got Bread Crumbs? Perfect! That’s all you need!

 Quick Cod Recipe:

Preheat oven to 350

-Place Cod on cookie sheet

-smear some “full fat” mayo on it (or full fat sour cream) 55 more words


28th September 2013: Seared cod with dopiaza sauce, sheermal bread & Lucknow Tunday kebab.

Famously, before British culinary tastes developed a notion of Mediterranean food, olive oil was available from chemists, not supermarkets, and was for medical use (clearing the wax out of ears, rubbing on skin, etc). 484 more words

Today's a new day

Hello again this post, unike day is quite dark, not dark in the creepy dark but a darker side i explore every once in a while to reach all spectrums and facets of an individual. 287 more words

Love Me