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#2 Oh the Pre-Sequel

As far as I’m concerned, the Borderlands series has been one of the best on the “last gen” systems. So when Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was announced I was super excited then realized my horror when it wasn’t going to be released on Xbone, then I remembered, I did spend almost $1200 this summer on a PC for “school”….mhmm gaming…. 247 more words

Gone Fishin'

As of late I have been adopting some changes into my life. Changes that involve things like not consuming sugar, alcohol, or complex carbs, and waking up at 5:30 am to meet with a trainer who is a former world champion fighter (he kicks my butt, literally). 296 more words

COD AW Launch Trailer

COD Advanced Warfare is just a couple of weeks away so Activision have released a new launch trailer to get us excited.

I have to say, its looking great and is shaping up to be a refreshing change to the standard COD formula. 7 more words


Recipe quick take: Kenji Lopez-Alt's Easy pan-fried fish

I stumbled across this great post on SeriousEats by culinary director Kenji Lopez-Alt. There’s nothing especially new here, but it’s nice to have this step-by-step tutorial for doing this. 188 more words


Call Of Duty Ghosts

Cod Ghosts comes 10th in the series of call of duty games. Released on November 5th 2013, the first person shooter game is developed by Infinity Ward, & is published by Activision as the other games of COD series. 63 more words


19th October 2013: Cod with salsa verde and braised fennel

Slice fennel thickly and fry at high heat on both sides for 5 mins until charred. Turn down heat and cook for 10 minutes. Sprinkle over dill, lemon juice from 1 lemon and add some vegetable stock and season. 71 more words