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Building rgdal from source

My limited knowledge of what happens in Terminal, and thus by extension shell, is mostly driven by PostgreSQL/PostGID/rgdal/RPostgreSQL install errors. In the latest variant of this, … 238 more words


Intro to Building Things & Coding: Session 1

The goal is to create a mobile app and learn about some concepts of front end development over the next few weeks.

Summary:  Today we explored what goes into planning of apps. 99 more words


Ada Lovelace Day at Streatham & Clapham High School

I was fortunate enough to attend the Ada Lovelace Day and represent VisualDNA at the Streatham & Clapham High School. We enjoyed talks by the Duke of York and Professor the Lord Winston. 60 more words


Parallax Header for ListView

I was looking the other day for a cool parallax effect to add to my application, and after researching some ways to do it, I come up with a simple way that can be added to any project with a couple of lines. 393 more words


Service-Now JavaScript Library Resource

Something that is missing when you get started with Service-Now development: a package of tools to make a developer’s life easier. A good part of the reasoning behind this, is that Service-Now intends for you to do all development directly in your development instance. 204 more words


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[CODE] Primitive Data Types

I’m making this post because some of my friends in my college are new to programming, so I thought I’d type up my guides and post them on my blog, so that they, and anyone else who wanted to, could access them at will, and I could update / edit them without needing to send out a new copy or something every time. 1,113 more words


What is a code?

Today we are going to think about what it means to use a code.What if we made each letter in the alphabet into a row of black and white beads? 215 more words