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Processing FHIR Bundles using HAPI

A month or so back, we talked about a project we had to import glucose results into a repository using FHIR. That post was focused on using the transaction search facility to indicate that there was a resource in the bundle that may or may not exist on the server, and giving the search parameters for the server to use to make the determination. 2,046 more words


UnitC++ on SourceForge

My latest project, UnitC++ , is now live on SourceForge. Check it out here


Code: "cast a number to int" with bitwise operators

In order to cast a number to an int value you can also use bit operations. In particular the Double NOT and the OR 0. 110 more words


expEYES Jr. 'user trip'

As mentioned in Part1 of my review of expEYES Jr. we are looking at a very capable ‘science experimental kit’ both in terms of physical experiments and programming. 908 more words


Humour in the C++ standard

It’s nice to see that the C++ standard, while mostly dry, has a little humour in it. There is a limerick in section 14.7.3, 7. It goes like this; 120 more words


expEYES Junior Review ; 1st encounter.

The good people at Pi Supply sent a rather generous swag box to review and I have been busy playing – sorry TESTING the expEYES… 561 more words


Tues. -Seismic Activity Near Oxy 3 (and then helicorders konk out there) Explained + Big Mexico Quake Sloshes Lake FUBAR

A false alarm story -

This looks fishy. Lots of seismic activity shows on the SE corner of Lake FUBAR, where the new-new berm is sinking and then the helicorders at that area all konk out. 250 more words