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[CODE] Primitive Data Types

I’m making this post because some of my friends in my college are new to programming, so I thought I’d type up my guides and post them on my blog, so that they, and anyone else who wanted to, could access them at will, and I could update / edit them without needing to send out a new copy or something every time. 1,113 more words


What is a code?

Today we are going to think about what it means to use a code.

What if we made each letter in the alphabet into a row of black and white beads? 112 more words


Lessons learnt today: Double quotes, redirection and rubbish routers

I haven’t posted here in a long while, and no doubt that will continue unfortunately. However, tonight I’ve learnt (or in some cases re-learnt) a few, albeit simple, lessons and it felt sensible to note it down so I can remember in the future. 754 more words


Generate the documentation of your code with doxygen

The Documentation it’s essential for a better understanding of your code. Thus, you could get a big picture of all the project in a much more faster way. 213 more words


How Boston changed my life

I moved to Boston 2 years ago when Arjun (then long-term boyfriend, now fiancee) got a job here. We moved from Pittsburgh, where he had attendedĀ the University of Pittsburgh for his MBA. 2,082 more words


All About Code (The trials and tribulations of JS, iOS, UX & more)

The next few months should prove to be a very busy time. It’s both exciting and terrifying, happy but overwhelming. The past 8 months have been the biggest roller coaster of my life, and it’s only fitting that the rest of the year be the same! 858 more words


Interactive menus for UnitC++

UnitC++ has gone to version 1.1.0. The new feature is the addition of an interactive menu system. You run your tests declared using the TEST… 92 more words