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Learning to Build

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.  We all have 24 hour days.”

- Zig Ziglar (Week 3 / Day 2)

Christina Cacioppo’s… 198 more words

Pick Four

Problem: Raycasting Rays Too Low & Buggy

I have discovered a few problems within my script upon implementation of  Raycasting. These problems include both issues with the placement of the Rays created, as well as the Rays themselves acting unexpected and against logic. 206 more words

The Island

Code: Improved Avoid Script

I decided that I needed to improve my “Avoid” script, as the original implementation did not suit my next AI implementation. The original script made the AI look at the player then move away from the player if the player was in range – aka got too close. 502 more words

The Island

Code: Adding Raycasting with Wander

I decided a good implementation of neighbourhood search as well as a good upgrade to my Wander method would be to include Raycasting. This decision was made in order to allow my zombie AI to move statically across the world as if they were “in search” of the Player.I felt this implementation was better as it would give the Player a feel of a different experience each time it was played, as well as eliminate the feel of “routine” actions by the AI. 271 more words

The Island

Problem: Tree Colliders Not Existing

After successfully creating my Wander and Ray-casting script, my zombies did not avoid trees and rocks within the environment. In fact, they walked straight through them. 212 more words

The Island

Problem: Finite State Machines

A problem has arisen within my scripts for “The Island.” My intention was to create a zombie AI which would wander around the Island until you (the Player) went within a certain radius of the zombie. 202 more words

The Island

Lesson 3 - Form Validations 101

In this section we’re going to review angular’s built in validations that we can use with our directives. To add validations to our review form, the first thing we need to do is turn off the HTML default validations. 687 more words