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[log4j] log different log levels to different files for the same logger

Is there a way to configure log4j so that it outputs different levels of logging to different appenders?

The below log4j config file can help you to do that. 550 more words


Monitor that media relay

I work for a Telecom company. Like most telecom companies the focus is always on trying to monitor and analyze the system from the perspective of customer experience. 474 more words


My First AI Implementation - Attract

Now that my test environment is at a point where I can begin implementing and experimenting with AI, I decided that the best starting point would be to configure an NCP model to look at a target. 483 more words


Stubbing API calls using stub.by

Typically, if I was developing an application that talks to an API, the¬†TDD approach I’ve historically followed would end up with me using a… 971 more words


Unity - Creating an Environment

Now that I have chosen my game engine, the next step is to familiarize myself with the utilities available to me. I decided to experiment with the world creation tools within Unity. 725 more words


Intro to Building Things & Coding: Session 2

In the previous session we experimented with changes the styles of some HTML elements using jsfiddle website. Today we will build a wireframe from scratch using jsfiddle and save it. 18 more words