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测试的策略 1 - 名词解释


说到软件的测试,开发员(Developer,简称dev了)是得有的,测试员(Quality Assurance,QA)也是必需的。成熟的软件开发团队里还有有别得角色比如Product Manager (PM)和Business Analyst (BA)。他们在一定程度上也会帮助软件测试,但从职能来说dev和QA是技术流的,PM和BA是商业流的。测试策略这一系列文章的面向观众是技术流的,所以下面的文章里我们会大量提到的两种人指得是技术流得dev和QA。



单元测试 (Unit Test)




In computer programming, unit testing is a method by which individual units of source code, sets of one or more computer program modules together with associated control data, usage procedures, and operating procedures are tested to determine if they are fit for use…

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程式碼涵蓋率 100% 這樣夠了嗎?

在看 model-based testing 時,我們會用各種測試路徑來設計測試案例,然後期望能夠把所有的路徑都考慮進去,這麼一來就會達成涵蓋率百分之百的成就。以下面的 Finite State Machine 來說,要想涵蓋所有路徑,需要設計 3 條路徑,會從 A 出發到達終點 F 或 E。


Building with Ant

Ant has been around for a while now (first released in 2000) and it can be compared with a scripting language written in XML. XML tags are translated to Java objects and executed calling methods in the objects created. 1,239 more words


Code Coverage for BPMN by Mark Foster


I visited a customer recently who asked a very interesting question…. they’d been performing a series of stress tests of their Business Process Management project made up of many & complex Business Process Management processes and they wanted to know if there were any activities/paths in any of their processes which they hadn’t traversed… sort of like “Clover” for Business Process Management, This led me to thinking about Business Process Management auditing and cross-referencing this with the Business Process Management activities. 289 more words

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