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Tip : Exclude trivial getters/setters/constructors from cobertura code coverage report

When it comes to quality first thing we say is “90%” code coverage. To me whats important is 100% coverage for code that is doing some non-trivial work. 129 more words


Measuring manual/automated functional tests code coverage

Code coverage is a metric which gives confidence on what % of code is hit/coveredĀ as part of your testing. Generally this is measured through unit test cases. 1,001 more words

Software Testing

Is code coverage really relevant?

It is not just about the number.

Of course, everyone knows how to manipulate these numbers without doing any real work. I know.

Code coverage is one way to ensure that there are unit tests. 372 more words

Code Coverage

Deceiving Test Coverage


What’s your test coverage?
Why we test
Quality of tests
Test coverage

What’s your test coverage?

If you are a developer and write tests probably you already heard people around you talking about test coverage a lot. 2,601 more words

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