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Code Coverage

What is Code coverage?

  1. Code coverage is a measure used in software testing. It describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested.
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Code Coverage

Configuring SonarQube

SonarQube is all in one code quality tool, it covers following main aspects of code quality
1) Complexity
2) Code coverage
3) Potential bugs
4) Architecture and Design… 367 more words

Testing software is hard?

Yeah, it’s hard. As much handwaving as there is in this article about code coverage (by a developer who works for a code coverage company, so get your grains of salt ready) about how simple Tetris is–it can be implemented in a single line of BBC Basic after all, and everyone knows “lines of BBC Basic” is becoming the… 297 more words


Step 2: Build MEAN.JS via Shippable

In the previous post Step 1: Setup MEAN.JS locally I setup everything. In the second step I want to trigger a build pipeline:


Enabling Bullseye Code Coverage with CMake

CMake is an alternative to GNU Make system and it is a powerful tool to build complex binaries and software. Bullseye code coverage tool is a third party, paid software used for keeping tabs on unit tests and general health of the trunk and/or branches. 97 more words