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Testing software is hard?

Yeah, it’s hard. As much handwaving as there is in this article about code coverage (by a developer who works for a code coverage company, so get your grains of salt ready) about how simple Tetris is–it can be implemented in a single line of BBC Basic after all, and everyone knows “lines of BBC Basic” is becoming the… 297 more words


Step 2: Build MEAN.JS via Shippable

In the previous post Step 1: Setup MEAN.JS locally I setup everything. In the second step I want to trigger a build pipeline:


Enabling Bullseye Code Coverage with CMake

CMake is an alternative to GNU Make system and it is a powerful tool to build complex binaries and software. Bullseye code coverage tool is a third party, paid software used for keeping tabs on unit tests and general health of the trunk and/or branches. 97 more words


Code Coverage with Chutzpah

There was a question in stackoverflow on how to do code coverage in JS with Chutzpah. This is just a short blog on how I did it. 106 more words