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30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1

What was the first anime you watched?

I am going to give two answers for this one. Scattered throughout my posts since I began I mentioned that I only got into anime three years ago. 503 more words

Fairy Tail


You would not believe how long it takes to get wifi set up on a £%$*&%^£&”$ mountain. And electricity. ARGH!!!! Seriously, the winding roads we have up here are stupidly unsafe for lorries (As Tohdoh has demonstrated repeatedly) and we had to pay extra just because of our location and the fact that our satellite needed to be small enough to not be picked up by the Britannians and all the cables really needed replacing after years of living in cold, wet caves without proper maintenance… 91 more words


Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Episode 16: Resonant Battlefront

Continuing on from last time things open up with Riza reporting back to the princess leader of the Dragons telling her that she has located Aura under the Misurugi Empire and so plans begin for the large-scale attack to free the Dragon’s leader and progenitor with the leader telling Riza to open the singularity to allow the Dragons to enter the false earth and begin the war that will determine the fate of the world!! 767 more words


Retrocaustic: Code Geass - Episode 1

Code Geass is stupid. But how stupid? Let’s find out together.

Episode I – The Empire Strikes Back Again


[30 Day Anime Challenge] Day Twenty-Five: Saddest anime death

WARNING! This post has some SERIOUS spoilers for Code Geass/Code Geass R2. Please do not read this post if you intend to watch these anime as you will be very disappointed. 182 more words


Big Lushious by Founders Brewing

Rating: 6/5* If you love sugar sweet dessert beers, you will love this one.

Big Lushious by Founders Brewing is a 7.8% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Dark Chocolate and Raspberries. 556 more words

Anime Beers :P