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lelouch [black lily] | day one + two

After the disaster that was C.C.’s corset, I knew I needed to take a break before I did something stupid. I had been putting off Lelouch in favor of finishing C.C. 386 more words


c.c. [black lily] | day sixteen + seventeen + eighteen + nineteen + twenty

A long time ago, a girl gave me a bag of materials she no longer needed. It was filled with beautiful trim, plush velveteen, and this strange stiff interface-like material. 463 more words


Action Anime

Been a while since I last posted something. Had lots of car trouble lately. Oh the joy of adulthood! I’d rather be 12 when I could beg my parents to visit the Video Ezy store 4 times a week to get the next Rurouni Kenshin dvd because it was $5 for 5 weeklies. 712 more words


Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Episode 8: Bikini Escape

I bet your expecting at this point to see a regular beach episode here with lots of fan service and the likes. Well sorry about that, you will get your bikini’s but this episode is actually¬† the turning point it seems for our story. 701 more words


Daily Quote

Good Afternoon!

Lectures are soooooooooooooooooo boring!!! Enjoy!!

“Our crying for them wont bring the dead back to life.”- Lelouch, Code Geass



Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Episode 7: Salia's Depression

Well Ange has been getting a bunch of development so far it’s about time we got to pulling this misfit team together, properly and not trying to shoot each other down and that job falls to our inexperienced and not really ready for it at all Salia. 715 more words


Social Darwinism

The voice in the above clip is from an anime called Code Geass, click here for the original video.

I am a Socialist so I am not that fond of that idea of the “survival of the fittest” as Herbert Spencer crassly put it. 914 more words