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Fear Mongering: The Media's New Weapon

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The new fad has hit the news media: fear mongering. What is fear mongering? According to Oxford Dictionaries, fear mongering is “the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue”. 313 more words

Millennial Perspective

Rude Awakening

by Roger Pynn

I try not to judge a book by the cover, but I have to admit that I’m quick to draw conclusions by how much interest people have in ethics … especially how much emphasis a professional places on ethics in his or her line of work. 447 more words

Roger Pynn

Are Rules Really Made to be Broken?

Not when it comes to district rules covering the Acceptable Use Policy for technology. Although it is difficult to cover every possibly destructive use of technology, districts try to clearly define the role and regulations for the use of such hardware, software, lines and services in the classroom. 432 more words

Education Technology

How to be a Journalist.

Journalism is a global profession – I would say that almost every country has at least some form of news gathering and dissemination system in place. 472 more words

Can we really push politics aside? Political bloggers and the case for a Code of Ethics

My previous posts have looked at bloggers who write from a lifestyle point of view and are involved with products and consumers.  Whether or not their behaviour needs to be regulated by a… 590 more words


Thoughts on Leadership and Ethics

At one moment in your life, during your career or personal life, you will have to make a decision based your code of ethics.  In determining your career, you should align your own code of beliefs with that of the company you have chosen.   485 more words

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With the rise of bloggers, by some referred to as the ‘new journalists’ the term ‘prosumerism’ has emerged. Prosumers are individuals who at the same time are both consumers and producers (Muzi et al.  588 more words