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New SPJ Code

By Casey Bukro

Some might argue that it takes a certain amount of hutzpah to adopt a set of principles intended to curb the worst  behavior of journalists, sometimes seen by the public as an unruly bunch of ruffians. 543 more words

Ethical Standards

Bloggers Vs Ethics: Will Big Business Win Out?

Blogger, vlogger, citizen journalist or citizen collaborator – call them what you will but it’s undeniable that the advent of Web 2.0 has enabled a shift in power where these once passive audience members have turned the tables to decentralise content production.   677 more words


SPJ delegates approve revised Code of Ethics

Sept. 6, 2014

NASHVILLE — Delegates of the Society of Professional Journalists voted overwhelmingly Saturday to approve a revised Code of Ethics. The voice vote came at the Society’s business meeting at its annual convention. 220 more words


Code of Ethics (English and Spanish)

As Social Workers we have standards we must live by. These are put together by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and are called the Code of Ethics. 31 more words

Social Work

Reporters Urge White House Transparency: The challenge is access to experts

By Tracy Schario, originally posted at PRSAY

Tension with the media is sometimes an unfortunate and unintentional aspect of public relations. PR and public affairs practitioners often face a delicate balancing act between providing accurate information in a timely manner to reporters and bloggers while managing confidential employer/client information. 857 more words


Citizen Journalism - The Future Of Journalism?

Photo 1: Some of the many platforms making citizen journalism more readily available

[Photo Source: http://thedailybytetwentytwelve.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/cropped-03-social-media-management87773.jpg%5D

Citizen journalism is all about the audience being involved in the mainstream media, the public participation in journalism. 572 more words

Social Media

Retail Rule #5: Packaging

5. Do not open anything you do not intend to or have not already paid for. Opening a product gives it a disheveled and used look because let’s face it, when someone opens a package it never seems to be done delicately. 122 more words