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American Code of Ethics update

Effective from January 1 2015 the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America have amended their Code of Ethics to include two changes for any Glen involved in a breeding programme. 41 more words

General Glen Things

Unfaithful: Unreadable

I really believe in Karmic Law:  what goes around, comes around – your actions affect other people – do unto others as those who would do unto you.   256 more words

Jimmy The Renovator: Lower Your Bills

This method will take some investment on the homeowner but in the long run it will pay off.

1. High Efficiency Furnace: Get the latest furnace to hit the market. 152 more words


"How To Make The Supreme Court More Accountable": The Most Powerful, Least Accountable Public Institution In The Country

Justice Samuel A. Alito’s sister is a high-powered labor attorney who represents management in disputes with workers. Justice Elena Kagan’s brother, a teacher at an elite public school in New York, has protested the school’s admissions process because of low minority enrollment. 765 more words

Antonin Scalia

How Mean Girls taught me Ethics

I totally knew that watching all those chick flicks would come in handy someday. 738 more words


Ethical Issues in Machine Translation

Vasilescu, R. (2014). Ethical Issues in Machine Translation. Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations, 13, 227-232.

Globalization has been attributed to the change in technical translation. The “volume of translations has increased considerably with globalization and the break of space barriers side by side with the break of time barriers brought about by the boom of information technology.” (227) It was not until the 1950’s “the beginning of the turning point period in many directions-machine translation was already experimented in many US universities with tremendous echo in the media. 246 more words

Introducing The Geek Alabama Code Of Ethics Infographic

On my Gamergate post, I introduced the Geek Alabama Code of Ethics.  These five ethics beliefs are something every geek and nerd should follow, from the time they enter the geeky/nerdy world, until the time they pass away. 138 more words

Geek Alabama