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Code Pink Struggles To Remain Relevant in the Age of ISIS

Code Pink recently crashed a senate hearing on ISIS with the Armed Services Committee.

Today they took on John Kerry and as Brendan Bordelon writes at National Review, … 143 more words


Code Pink Thinks Only American Women Should Have Rights

Is that overly combative?

Oh well, I don’t apologize.

Code Pink has a history of getting into an uproar about women’s rights (though they claim to only be an… 295 more words


'Feminists' of Code Pink pale against Kurdish women fighting for freedom [photos]

Of course Code Pink was on hand Tuesday to disrupt the Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing on ISIS.

.@codepink prior to start of Senate Armed Services Cmte – LIVE on C-SPAN3…

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A look at the left and it's efforts to criminalize dissent...

Remember when  dissent was patriotic?  Good times:

The Ohio Inquisition, and the Minnesota Inquisition, and Harry Reid’s war on the First Amendment are hardly isolated episodes.

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Gentleman Rankers

Where are the anti-war protesters? Nobody knows...

They’re on the march. A huge march. Probably visible from space, even:

.@KingShamus @RobProvince Big anti-war march in DC today. pic.twitter.com/zrsKrbiByy

— Tim Shutters (@TimShutters) …

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Code Pink pour buckets of dirt on their heads in solidarity with Gaza youth

Taking a cue from the actually useful #ALSIceBucketChallenge, Code Pink is in front of the White House Thursday night taking the #RubbleBucketChallenge. The group’s Facebook page explains… 202 more words

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'No justice no peace! Stop racist police!' Code Pink still stirring Ferguson pot [photos]

Well, we’ll give this much to Code Pink: They’re tenacious. They are committed to making themselves part of the Ferguson narrative, no matter what.

Today, they’re back at it: 324 more words

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