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Database Connectivity code for Reference

The code snippet will help you out in creating sql connections with the help of .net. Just follow the code it is pretty straightforward and you will be amazed that how much it is easy in doing database operations in c#.net. 560 more words


Downloading JSON file using NSURLSession on iOS.

NSURLSession is great. It made networking tasks even easier on iOS 7. And it supports blocks so the code looks much cleaner. This code snippet shows how to perform a… 156 more words


How To Unit Test A LINQPad Code Snippet

Writing code is a programmers life; sometimes it becomes necessary to write pieces of code that you can conveniently run and evaluate without spinning up a full fledged IDE. 194 more words


Test Post (ANOVA in R)

To start off with WordPress, I thought it will be good idea to see how code written in a programming language can be posted on the blog.   60 more words

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Generating a unique sequence of number in PHP

For a project I had to randomize a given sequence of elements. Here’s the code for generate a unique sequence.



for ($i=0; $i<$arraySize; $i++){ 47 more words

Javascript Object Inheritance that C#/Java Coders can Understand

So, at work I’ve been using Javascript as a primary language for a while now. While I am likely not an expert, I’ve picked up some neat tricks. 650 more words

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Posting Source Code with your free wordpress.com blog

If you are using Windows, the best free desktop offline blog publisher should be “Windows Live Writer”. With dozens of plug-ins, this blog publisher could be handy while you want to take breaks and continue at later stages. 132 more words