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Managing sprites easily with lesscss

I use sprite css for all projects on which I work, creating sprite and managing coordinates is repetitive job but the problem is every design requires different sprite grid :( so I thought I can make this task simpler.. 160 more words

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Content Before Intro (Parse and Extract JSON with Python)

It seems like the status-quo for blogs is for your first post to be about goals and aspirations. To be quite frank, I do not have any goals or aspirations for this blog. 486 more words

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(EN) Faster Queries in Hive by Using Strategies with DISTRIBUTE BY, SORT BY, ORDER BY and CLUSTER BY

Hive is a great tool for MapReduce users that are less Java-proficient. To most SQL users, HQL will seem second nature beyond some minor js syntax changes (no varchars here!). 300 more words

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(EN) Get up and running with Hadoop! [Install HDP on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr]

Some of my friends describe data science as the frightful (or fruitful) marriage between computer science and statistics; if you can juice up your statistical analysis with higher-powered computing, magical things can happen! 288 more words

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(PT) Guia brasileira de R: Primeiros passos com os seus dados

Nos já discutimos como fazer upload dos seus dados e como baixar um pacote com R. Agora, vamos discutir como analisar os seus dados dum nível muito básico. 216 more words

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Disqus Single Sign On

Disqus is a powerful tool to create a discussion on your blog, by which you can write comments and, eventually, share them.

How does it work? 1,159 more words