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ASP.NET Membership Log Out

My boss likes to say “never use the words ‘simple’ or ‘easy’ in our line of work” and today was one of those days that demonstrates exactly why he loves this saying. 168 more words


C / C++ - kbhit() function in Linux

Linux에서는 Windows C / C++ 라이브러리에서 제공되는 kbhit() 함수 (keyboard event를 detect 하는 함수 : keystroke가 들어왔을때 이를 감지함)를 사용할 수 없다.

대신 아래의 오픈소스 snippet을 이용하여, kbhit() 함수를 직접 구현하면 된다. 184 more words

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Assignment 3 Redux

I fixed Assignment 3. I put in an If statement to fix what I had coded. I tried to get cute with a shorthand image source. 48 more words

Managing sprites easily with lesscss

I use sprite css for all projects on which I work, creating sprite and managing coordinates is repetitive job but the problem is every design requires different sprite grid :( so I thought I can make this task simpler.. 160 more words

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