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Read Resource File From Assembly

Get current executing assembly

Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();

If uoy don’t know which resource to ger then use this statement. Analyze and see the required resource. 42 more words

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Adding a Character Count to Wordpress Admin with JQuery

Recently I was asked to add an excerpt count to the admin area of wordpress. Specifically we added a character count to the excerpt field as well as a bunch of custom fields. 662 more words

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Request Headers, Server Variables

There are times when you want to access values like browser user agent, client IP etc. on the server side but you do not know the exact request header key or the server variable key that will fetch you that value. 147 more words


PHP Tutorial: Looping Through & Displaying A MySQLi Result Set

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people using while loops to retrieve a single record. You only need to loop through your result set when you expect to get more than one row of data returned. 378 more words

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PHP Tutorial: Connecting to a MySQLi Database

So, here’s the low down on how to setup a connection to a MySQL database using MySQLi and PHP. This will also make sure your login information is protected. 404 more words

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