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CSS 3 Spinning Social Icons

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Bigint website development Huddersfield blog.

When the bigint.co.uk site first went live and the blog was launched we promised to share some of the tips and tricks featured on our site. 700 more words

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Changing a DIV Width With JQuery Using Partial Matching

Recently I had to modify a site that has literally tens of thousands of pages with embedded videos where the videos have  fixed width. The old site width supported  a fixed width of 700px. 233 more words

Code Snippets

Update Wordpress Posts Without Page Refresh

I recently had to write-up some code to refresh the WordPress posts of a website without a page reload. So the idea is that a user clicks a button and all the posts below it reload automatically without a page refresh making the user experience much more polished and engaging. 599 more words

Code Snippets

How to create code snippets in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Recently I’ve been working on a project which requires plenty of stored procedures and custom logging. For error handling I don’t want to repeat my logging TSQL statements for each and every SP I write. 405 more words

SQL Server

Number of Months between two dates

I got a situation where I need to calculate the number of months between 2 dates, I found a built in method in dynamics ax 2012 that can be used. 62 more words

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Number of days in Month /Last day of month

end month (today())// will return the last day date .

dayofmonth(today()) // returns the Numeric day of date.

dayofmth(endmth(mkDate(today()))) // this will returns the number of days in a month

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Create Employee/Worker using code

Sample job to create worker/Employee

static void JobToCreateNewEmployee(Args _args)
DirPersonName DirPersonName;
DirPersonName.FirstName = “Test”;
DirPersonName.LastName = “Empl”;

HcmWorkerTransition::newCreateHcmWorker(DirPersonName, “TestEmployee”);


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