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Getting Aptana Studio 3 to start on Windows 7 x64

This was so annoying that I decided to post something about it and maybe make someone’s day…

If you’ve never heard of Aptana Studio, I suggest you click… 230 more words


A Qit View Extension

I like and use the Qit Documentum tool a lot.  Of all the capabilities it provides, it does not have the ability to easily view the content of a repository object in its native application.  275 more words


Polyfill of some array ES5 functions

I collected the most used ES5 array methods as a polyfill for older browsers (IE …).


Based on the great reference at MDN Arrays… 41 more words


How I learned to love separation (CQS / CQRS)

I’ve mentioned it before: I’m lazy. When it comes to writing code, I’d like to read as little code as possible. I don’t want to have to read the code for every class I want to use. 1,054 more words

Black Girls Code

This workshop will focus on mobile app development with Android AppInventor and feature exciting “tech chats” from inspiring women mobile innovators.

AppInventor is a fun and simple tool that allows our young code divas to create their own mobile apps using drag-and-drop the programming blocks similar to a puzzle to make the user interface and program. 83 more words


August 26th - Nictitate

Nictitate – v 1: to shut one eye briefly: wink 2: to close and open the eyelids quickly

The guards shoved the prisoner into the chamber. 298 more words