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Programmatically uploading content to Microsoft Sharepoint

In this article, I will demo on how one can programmatically upload any type of content to Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 using the built in webservices packaged in Sharepoint 2013. 998 more words


SAMSUNG மொபைல்களுக்கான முக்கிய குறியீடுகள்

SAMSUNG மொபைல்களுக்கான முக்கிய குறியீடுகள்

SAMSUNG மொபைல்களுக்கான முக்கிய குறியீடுகள்

1)*#9999#-தங்கள் போனின் சாப்ட்வேர்சார்ந்த 23 more words

தெரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்

...it would kind of defeat the purpose...

I’m so used to google’s predictive search algorithm and web browser’s auto-complete feature when typing in popular web addresses (i don’t think i’ve typed “facebook” in the URL bar in years, typing “f” is usually enough) that i’ve started to get really lazy with my login passwords.   71 more words

game loop not working

Where am I going wrong with getting my player to move without the delay, I read some articles online “Is it possible to make JQuery keydown respond faster? 267 more words


A Code of Conduct...

Yesterday  I went for some Diwali shopping with my mum…you don’t know what is Diwali…well what Christmas is for Christians, Diwali is for Hindus…but coming back to my shopping spree with mum… 536 more words


Updates to RedMMO

I have pushed a few updates to RedMMO, mainly the graphing and reporting of yearly (monthly) data.