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Ambarella launches IP Camera SoC delivers 4K Video quality with latest H.265/HEVC encoding

Ambarella introduced S3, a security IP camera System-On-Chip (SoC) family with support for the new H.265 or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video standard. 464 more words


Nikon NEF Codec and Photo Gallery

Microsoft Live Photo Gallery is a most useful and versatile tool for managing your photos. I have used it enthusiastically for many years. Like other photo handling programs, it needs to translate the image files to viewable images. 305 more words


Apple's iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus use H.265 codec for FaceTime over cellular

While Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have drawn attention for their new form factors and flashy Retina HD displays, the handsets boast substantial under-the-hood advancements, including support for the highly efficient H.265 video codec. 318 more words


Surveillance Updates: 4K trend pushing the launch of H.265

H.265, which produces videos of the same quality as H.264 yet taking up only half the bandwidth, is poised to replace its predecessor as the mainstream video coding standard.It that delivers crisper network video contents and requires 50% less bandwidth for the same image quality as H.264, making it easier to download or stream HD video. 291 more words


An In-Depth Look at Codecs

September 10, 2014


In the below video, cinematographer David Kong presents an in-depth, but digestible, look at codecs.

As Kong writes on Philip Bloom’s blog, “Codecs can sound impossibly complex when all you get is a bunch of numbers and acronyms, but the main concepts at work really aren’t that complicated. 52 more words


merge audio and video from youtube.

Recently youtube has separated the video and audio file while you download stuff from it.

You might end up with 2 mp4 files: one for video and other for audio. 2,126 more words

cimple cubstitution cipher


simple python script i threw together to create a secret code by substituting randomly chosen upper and lower case letters for other randomly chosen upper and lower case letters, checking to make sure there are no duplicates, and then printing the key on the screen. 55 more words