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Thanks for the Help

In class last week my class decided to do a critique sessions about how our projects are going and how we should better them. One tip I got was to record what I will doing  with my project on Greenfoot, codecademy, and anything else. 115 more words


Codecademy Javascript - My Undying Hatred

Remember what I said about how great Codecademy was when I first tried it back in February?


Maybe it’s the website, or maybe it’s the coding language, or maybe it’s just me, but this was the worst, most unbelievably frustrating thing I have had to do for this class. 119 more words



Before I start, I’ll let you wonder for a bit more. What Python could I be referring to? The reptile? Or maybe something else. Like the programming language. 275 more words


Learning Ruby with Codecademy

I just finished the interactive Ruby course on Codecademy.  I highly recommend it!  It’s a free, interactive, engaging introduction to Ruby and is much more fun than reading a book. 153 more words

Deliberate Practice

Coding for journalists: 10 hottest websites to teach yourself to code

Should journalists learn computer code? That’s a controversial question at the moment. The general consensus seems to be that today’s journalists need at least a basic level of technical literacy so when they team up with developers, they can better understand the language they speak. 1,038 more words


Things to do while underemployed

For the past year, when not distracted by other things, I have been trying to think of that one thing I could do while hanging around with a lot of time on my hands. 644 more words