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Is programming for me?

The first thing you should know about programming is this:

You need to be able to solve the problem yourself before you can write a program to solve it. 36 more words

Learning To Code

Coding and Computer Science Education Week...A beginning

What a Great Week to Introduce “Coding”!

With the support of many notables (Obama, Bosh, Kutcher, Mayer, Wojcicki) “Computer Science Education Week and Coding” has gained popularity and the push to have children experience it has also grown. 594 more words


Java 101

True to my word, I started learning Java today.

To my disappointment, the Codecademy tutorial has been a bit of a snooze so far.

This is probably because I’m comparing it to the HTML & CSS tutorial I’d completed last month. 341 more words


Doing the things you need to do before you can do the things you need to do to build an app

The other day, I tried to list the things I’ll need to do to build an app.

I have a picture in my mind of what I want my app to be, so that’s a good start. 423 more words


What I'm Doing...

I have one word:  CODECADEMY.

One day I googled “Free Online Web Development Courses” and I got a hit with many suggestions, with the top rated option being “Codecademy.” 444 more words

Codecademy.com and how its changing the culture of startups

Over the last five months I’ve been learning to program at Codecademy.com. I’ve done all the language courses and I learned web development. Since I’m a very dedicated person and I have an interest in making web sites in the future I coded every day when I had the chance. 181 more words

Web Development