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Code separation and encapsulation

In order to avoid conflicts of interests it is always a good idea to keep variable names unique.

Avoiding name duplication is easy to do in a simple demo script but in real life it is not so easy. 144 more words

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Starting Over Today

As is frequently the case as I pursue knowledge on my own time I park it for a while until I get the urge again. I’ve got the urge again. 606 more words


New eBook Release Annoucement

JavaScript in Plain Language -A Self-Study Method
A JSON and AngularJS Prep

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Web Dev 5: Still chugging along

Quick update:

  1. I have created a schedule on my Google Calendar to keep me focused on my Web Dev studies.
  2. Thanks to an acquaintance via a former coworker, who I think could be a mentor, I now use a site online to project manage my web dev projects, …
  3. 607 more words

Programming: Why It's A Great Thing to Learn & an Easy Way to Start

I may be unusual in my belief that understanding how the technology one uses everyday is a civic duty. It does not appear to be a common, at least not in the United States, but my reasoning is simple: where would we be if no one remembered any longer how anything works? 1,169 more words

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CODECADEMY #3: “Tip Calculator”

Apply simple code that existed in our daily life. Completed a simple task called “Tip Calculator” where using the knowledge that discover from the previous learning section. 28 more words


Some Things About Tasha

Tasha’s favorite song is “I Want It That Way” by her favorite band, Backstreet Boys.

Her second favorite song is Charice’s “Note To God.”

Tasha is a fierce learner, supporter, teacher, and promoter of… 12 more words

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