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ICS 120 - Intro to HTML & CSS via Codecademy

July 24, 2014

My experience in HTML was entertaining. I’ve studied HTML back in 2nd year highschool and now I find HTML more interesting. Back then, we didn’t use Codecademy as our learning material, we used notepad. 206 more words


ICS120 - [Intro to HTML and CSS via Codecademy]


During my first year as a Computer Science student in UST, we used Java and C++ as our programming languages in our courses. This semester, we first learned about HTML/CSS in a flash using Codecademy in our ICS120 course. 146 more words


• ICS120 - [Introduction to HTML and CSS via Codecademy]

  • What are the problems encountered during the lecture/activity?
    • I honestly just have a minimal background about HTML and have no idea about CSS at all. I think that was my main problem here.
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Learn New Things: HTML and CSS Coding

Tonight I started coding courses from Codecademy. I’m mostly focusing on HTML and CSS coding right now but I’d like to learn more after I get the hang of this stuff. 29 more words

Coding for the Heck of It

This summer, I considered getting a job. I’m 18. Why not? It’s about time that I started making money for myself so that I could learn how to support myself. 499 more words

Where to begin?

The world of tech is astoundingly large, especially for someone like me.  Before this project began my techknowledgy was pretty much limited to Google, Google Drive,  576 more words