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ICS120 - [PHP|Codecademy]

Good evening! I’m here to post my experience about the PHP course on Codecademy. It’s one of the programming languages offered to be taught on the said site, aside from JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and a lot more. 114 more words


ICS 120 - jQuery Tutorial

We were asked again to complete another tutorial which is jQuery. It’s just the same with HTML and CSS but now, we are using a third window which is for the… 188 more words


ICS120 - [jQuery tutorial]

This jQuery homework was given to us just days ago. It was stated that we should blog about our completion and that the submission will be on August 26. 251 more words


Back in the Sandbox

I read a blog post recently about your consumption versus your creation. Our world lends itself to consumption in every sense of the word. (I would define that here, but saying ‘every sense of the word’ means I want your imagination to run wild) And while creation is encouraged, it is not as easy to come by. 273 more words

ICS120 - [Done with jQuery + Review of Last Meeting]

Hi again! It’s me, Kat – and I’m here for another post!
Tada~ I’ve just finished doing the JQuery task at the Codecademy, it was somehow hard (because of the unusual syntax), but I managed to do it! 183 more words


ICS 120 - [JavaScript tutorial]


When it was announced that we were to complete the JavaScript in Codecademy, many things crossed my mind. I was happy to know that I’ll be using Codecademy again in learning a new language. 277 more words


Why I Decided To Learn to Code

Check out my latest blog post (linked below) for my university’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) outreach magazine, Helix! I talk about my recent decision to learn how to code and how I am going about it. 7 more words