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So far so good

I’ve been setting aside time every day since my last post to code. It’s amazing how I can suddenly find the time to do something when I actually want to do it. 283 more words


It's all about HTML and CSS!

Last week was the start of hell week. Yes, exams are coming. Few meetings have left for our IT class… Last week was all about HTML and CSS. 226 more words

Seeing the World In Code

So as I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve made my way through the online lessons at Codecademy, brushing up on my HTML & CSS skills.  391 more words


Participate in the Hour of Code

#CSEdWeek #edtech #edapps

As part of Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14, you and your students can participate in the “Hour of Code”.  The Hour of Code is a one hour introduction to computer science.   158 more words


09 : Codecademy

For this module assignment, we were suppose to develop our knowledge on different programming languages by taking various courses on a website called Codecademy. Codecademy is a website with various programming languages (HTML & CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby) and you are able to take courses about how to understand the language. 100 more words


Codecademy: Teaching Me Some CSS

This week’s coding assignment was a piece of cake! Since I have some (fragmented) experience with HTML, but haven’t done CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) before, I decided to give it a try. 126 more words

EID 100