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of Forgiveness, Love, and Happiness

Welcome! Today I’m on an airplane so I get a chance to sit and think, and visit with someone I thought I didn’t know. The couple next to me are traveling on family business and the husband and I shared and talked about a wide variety of subjects. 1,288 more words


You're no Clark Kent.

I’ve been texting with Paul about our son David.

David is 10 and more than capable of picking up his clothes, putting dishes in the washer, taking out trash, etc. 396 more words


Sobre Tu Individualidad

Ser un sobreviviente de enfermedades mentales como la depresión, o estados psicológicos adversos como la codependencia, hace que constantemente te estés evaluando y cambiando a ti mismo. 762 more words

Vida Gay

Broken Rythm (Poetry)(TW)

Trigger Warning/Sidenote: I wrote this a little while back when I was deep in my depression. That being said there are mentions of self harm, self-depreciation and suicidal thoughts in this. 413 more words


What happens when I can’t give anymore of myself? What happens then?


Deprived Myself of You

I didn’t want to, but I must, I deprived myself of you, the source of life for me, because, I’d been reliant on you for way too long I’d lost sight of who I am now… 135 more words


Toxic Friends and How To Lose Them

I’m trying my hardest to write through my recovery, and one of the key aspects to my recovering from depression -and not falling off the wagon- is tackling these topics. 1,773 more words