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Codependency is *not* one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

What started out as a favor to one of my dearest friends ended up as…I’m not sure what.

The original agenda was that I would attend a Codependents Anonymous meeting for this dear friend, who recently lost a close relative and couldn’t attend the meeting herself.  992 more words


I don’t care right now.
It’s sooooooo weeeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrd!
I know everything passes. In a way I was waiting for it to pass. And I also know it’ll be back. 211 more words


Impact of Your Family

Our families helped shape our attitudes about emotions, our abilities to identify emotions, our ways of interpreting events, and our ways of expressing emotions. If you are having difficulties in any of these processes and are trying to change them, you may find it helpful to consider what you learned about them from your family. 269 more words

Seeing Myself Clearly

I Did It!!

I have REALLY diversified by approach to emotional recovery in the past few years… Really. I began going to Alanon and AA meetings probably 3 years ago…sporadically at most. 1,439 more words

Abuse in my relationship:

Things he did:

Physical Abuse

Standing over me, getting “in my face,” blocking a doorway, grabbing you if you try to leave, slapping, choking, threatening to harm me, throwing things, breaking things, punching walls or doors. 262 more words

Codependent probably

It isn’t fair that so much time and effort is being put in to making him well, and nothing is being put into me. I know that sounds selfish. 539 more words



Thank you Life force and spiritual forces for today. Thank you for this chance to learn and try and change and grow and feel. Thank you for nudging me towards prayer. 60 more words