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Last Tuesday in Group (been going for 8 months now to Group Therapy), someone shared their thoughts with me (and the others there) on my sharing and their reaction to or experience of it, and how they think I share… The clear messages for me were that, 1) i share terribly carefully, clearly, articulately – they understand and often can take something away from what I say, but 2) at the end of my shares people often don’t know what to say, and 3) he sometimes loses interest while i’m sharing and his mind wanders because I seem to share things from my head but not from my heart…”There is no hook” … 849 more words

Building Self-awareness, and a Road Bike

My friend and I decided on a whim that together, we could build a bike. This experience has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. 884 more words


Some Marriages Must End

My marriage ended and we are all thriving.

Divorce is tough. But sometimes staying married is not the right thing either.

I have been through a divorce and would not want to go through it again. 201 more words


Addiction Help | Co-Addiction in Families

Question: What is a co-addict?
Dr. Gala’s Response:
Co-addicts are typically the family members that are involved with an addict. While the addictive behavior may be out of the family’s control, what they CAN control is their response to it. 9 more words

The Good Men Project: Abuse a man has suffered does not have to define him

The Good Men Project: Aug. 11, 2014 – Abuse Was Something Done To You. It Doesn’t Define You. -.

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Wise and hopeful words on a day when the few words I can muster were shared with Her on the phone.

What Do I Want Today To Have Been?

When I look back on today….I want it to have been happy. I want to feel like my self filled this day. I want to look back on the things I did to take care of myself and take care of things. 503 more words