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Look at your hands
all caught up in his.
Look at your fingers and
where his fingers meet them
and take note of the lines… 105 more words


I got some great advice from a girl I know in a very convoluded, roundabout way: “The past must stay there. We are beautiful souls who must let ourselves be loved and happy. 804 more words

Thoughts of an addict

His mother struggles everyday
To watch him throw his life away
Beautiful boy, now gone astray
Says he don’t need her help

Don’t you tell me what to do… 448 more words


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Here Comes Another "Round" of Abuse...

Alone, lonely

I was at a restaurant once and a husband and wife were there with their two young children. The mom needed to go to the restroom. 398 more words


Are Your Relationships Codependent?

Onе оf thе greatest benefits оf hаving close friendships iѕ thаt оur friends саn support аnd hеlр uѕ whеn things gеt rоugh in оur lives. 882 more words

Independence Day

Three years ago today, my life was turned on its axis. Everything comfortable, everything reliable, everything I thought I knew pulled out from under me. Even three years later, thinking back to those early days, that was the darkest time in my life. 548 more words