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Reflections on Shame

I’d like to share here some things I have been reading and discovering about the role of shame in co-dependency, addiction and recovery.

Discovering the role of shame in my own life and its relationship to my addiction was a turning point for me. 2,200 more words


The Winding Road to Discovering, Admitting and Expressing My Own Personal Needs.

The blockage I feel every morning is my own blockage of my On my way! needs. I wake up often wanting to just sleep more or stay in bed so that time will pass and the day will feel shorter…Less time I will have to spent working on something that I never get finished…less time goin through he motions waiting for change to happen… Less time facing that things are not “the way they are supposed to be.” 441 more words

Emotional Abuse

Swimming for two

In a previous post I described a prophetic dream I had. Remember, there was a young, overweight boy that jumped on my back to carry him to the other side of a public pool and then, after a short gasp of breath, back again. 706 more words


Coming Clean

I haven’t really posted on here the last week or so because I’ve been having certain experiences that I wasn’t comfortable sharing before. But then I realized I need this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. 934 more words


Ten Most Influential Books in My Life

You gotta be kidding me? A limit of ten? But that’s the challenge going around Facebook these days. You are supposed to create the list without overthinking it or trying to impress anybody. 104 more words


of Forgiveness, Love, and Happiness

Welcome! Today I’m on an airplane so I get a chance to sit and think, and visit with someone I thought I didn’t know. The couple next to me are traveling on family business and the husband and I shared and talked about a wide variety of subjects. 1,288 more words


You're no Clark Kent.

I’ve been texting with Paul about our son David.

David is 10 and more than capable of picking up his clothes, putting dishes in the washer, taking out trash, etc. 396 more words