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The Game of God, Man, and Demons


A shiny spirit dog, looking like a god, he rammed into the world of demons that’s filled with sorrows and pains and scariness, on his way, he’d passed through the caves with the sharpened teeth, and managed to rouse up the bats that flew all over the places, like how the world of the demonic had sneezed, then, that, was when the spirit dog realized, “This place, is NOT the world of demons!”, because he smelled the scent of the more humans………(more humans?   65 more words


Can you please help me answer these questions?

What is the difference between detachment and selfishness?

Where does obligation to others end, and obligation to self begin? Can a moral argument be made for “putting yourself first?” If so, what is it? 37 more words


Decisions, Decisions

It’s been a tumultuous month. I haven’t been happy with Lightning. Mr. R has re-entered my life. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering which of them I want to be with, if any. 528 more words

A Lil' Note on Fear

What’s that saying we hear around the rooms – “Be careful what you pray for – you just might get it” – ? In the last few weeks I’ve learned that when you do get what you thought you wanted, it turns out not to be what you thought. 1,059 more words


Lessons in Romance

It’s been five/six months since I last fell hard for someone. He was just my type: artsy, whimsical, poetic, in a transition phase, sad, confused, emotionally unavailable. 729 more words


Tomorrow is D-day for Mr. R. He will go before the court and will either be sentenced or indicted. He is hoping for leniency, something along the lines of six months (including time already served), and a rehab program. 1,056 more words


Last Tuesday in Group (been going for 8 months now to Group Therapy), someone shared their thoughts with me (and the others there) on my sharing and their reaction to or experience of it, and how they think I share… The clear messages for me were that, 1) i share terribly carefully, clearly, articulately – they understand and often can take something away from what I say, but 2) at the end of my shares people often don’t know what to say, and 3) he sometimes loses interest while i’m sharing and his mind wanders because I seem to share things from my head but not from my heart…”There is no hook” … 849 more words