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Huffington Post article

My last four years (as written by a complete stranger). If you take out the child & replace additional marriages with LTRs (Mr. R and Lightning!), she pretty well sums up my feelings.

Scorched Earth

I was awakened at 9:30am (on a Saturday!) by insistent, unceasing knocks on my door. I called out for the knocker to GO AWAY (I knew it had to be Alex that early), but the knocks did not stop. 494 more words

I Remember

I remember how you used to call

All the time


Just to say hello

Just to hear my voice

I remember how it felt to know… 191 more words


Domestic Violence and Abuse Against Men

Domestic abuse of men is much less heard of  than that of women. It is not culturally accepted of believed that men can really be severely abused by women. 976 more words

Mental Illness

100 Reasons I Got Divorced

This month would have been my 25th wedding anniversary. In two weeks I will mark my second “divorce anniversary.”

A friend asked me why I got divorced. 285 more words

Confusing Codependence with Love

Yeah uh, am I the only SANE one ‘round here, tell me that you don’t see the DIFFERENCE between the two???  Hello, one word starts with a “c”, the other, an “l”??? 226 more words


I'm Like a Flower with No Name

I still have to apologize, for bursting all of y’all’s bubbles, found online, translated…

I’m like a flower without a name

With the seasons of rains and winds… 110 more words

Cost Of Living