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Using the NuGet Package Explorer to Create, Explore and Publish Packages

Although there is often some debate regarding its pronunciation, I believe that most of us can agree that NuGet is pretty great.

In the past few years, NuGet has become one of the easily and most commonly used tools within a .NET Developers bag of tricks and rightfully so. 866 more words


Round up a number to maximum 10s

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Recently we faced a citation which we need to round up a number to maximum 10s place.
For ex:  we needed to round up a numbers as follows… 178 more words


No more stray user Tables in Master

If you are a database admin or a developer with DBA privileges, you are probably familiar with this problem: rogue objects in “Master”. Take a look at your Master DB. 979 more words


Finite Sequence Generators in Java 8 - Part 2

In the last couple of articles we looked at generators. First we looked at ways of generating an infinite sequence. In the second we saw a way of generating a finite sequence. 1,051 more words

Functional Programming

Finite sequence generators in Java 8

… and introducing default methods.

Last time we looked at generators, and more specifically those generating an infinite sequence. We saw that there were several ways to achieve this: 1,018 more words

Functional Programming

Transposing the rows and columns of a 2D array, jagged array and string in C#


Download extension methods

About the download

The download is a ZIP file containing the C# file, in which you can find the extension methods. 906 more words


Generators with Java 8

Today we’ll look at creating generators. In simple terms, a generator is a function which returns the next value in a sequence. Unlike an iterator, it generates the next value when needed, rather than returning the next item of a pre-generated collection. 1,038 more words

Functional Programming