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ZeroMQ #6 : Divide And Conquer

Last time we looked at how to send from multiple sockets. Believe it or not we have pretty much introduced most of the core concepts you will need. 1,371 more words


Parallel Streams and Spliterators

Today we are going to look at one of the aspects where using streams is a real win – when we need to thread work. As well as parallel streams, we will also look at Spliterators which acts as the machinery which pushes elements into the pipeline. 2,552 more words

Functional Programming

ZeroMQ #5 : Sending From Multiple Sockets

Last time we looked at how to use the Poller to work with multiple sockets, and detect their readiness. This time we will continue to work with the familiar request/response model that we have been using thus far. 2,333 more words


Command Line Arguments Parser

The Arguments class

This class parses your command line arguments, find all parameters starting with -, – or / and all the values linked. I assumed that a value could be separated from a parameter with a space, a : or a =. 259 more words


ZeroMQ #4 : Multiple Sockets Polling

Last time we looked at a few things, namely

  • Options
  • Identity
  • SendMore

This time we will talk about how to handle using multiple sockets

Where Is The Code? 1,804 more words


Java Script Facts for great JS coding 1


Java script is an interesting and popular programming language. Its syntax is easy, features are cool and its role is becoming more and more important every day in web development. 405 more words

Client-side Development

Enable Disable all Tabs inside Telerik RadTabStrip

We will explore the JavaScript code, by which we can easily Enable or Disable all the Tabs inside a Telerik RadTabStrip.

Read the comments inside the code blocks to know how the code works. 105 more words