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ASP.NET GridView Client Side Validation

We will explore the technique in jQuery to validate the ASP.NET GridView.

Setting up the GridView First

On aspx Page

We will show following fields in… 1,257 more words


Collect .NET applications traces with sysinternals tools

In this short post I would like to show you how, with sysinternals tools, you may noninvasively trace .NET applications. This is especially useful in production environment where you can’t install your favorite debugger and hang whole IIS to diagnose an issue. 1,050 more words



This post is an introduction to a library I have written, UnitC++.

UnitC++ is a modern, light weight, header-only c++ library for making unit testing easy. 1,189 more words


Using Visual Studio AutoRecover to Avoid Losing Your Work (and your Mind)

If you have ever worked in an environment that may not have been the most reliable or you are simply a worry-wart when it comes to possible data loss, then this might be for you. 342 more words


Properties in C#

Before talking about Property in C# I want to tell you about other mechanism that can also use in place of Properties-


Accessing USB devices from Virtualbox Windows guest on Linux host

This is one issue that had troubled me for long but was not important enough for me to put any effort into soving it. All this changed when I had to upgrade my BIOS on my Dell Optiplex 9020 machine. 401 more words


Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) adventures: How upgrading to UEFI resulted in this epic post

This is a work-in-progress…

It all started when I found my backup plan lacking in all ways imaginable. To be really honest, I never had one. 2,673 more words