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F# 21 : Events

We continue our OO journey, and this time we look at events within classes.

Events are a good way for no related classes t communicate, you can think of events as a kind of publish-subscribe arrangement, where the source of the event (the class that contains the event) is the publisher, whilst a consumer of the event is the subscriber. 251 more words


F#20 : Creating Types / Adding Members

We now start the OO leg of our F# journey, where we will look at how to create classes (generic classes too) and use OO things like inheritance/interfaces, and we shall also look at how to use events within our classes, and how to use reflection to do meta programming against our classes instances. 1,449 more words


MVVM Light–Visual Studio 2013, Universal Apps, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Store 8.1 Apps–Part 3 of N

In this part 3, let us see how to build a Universal Application for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with MVVM Light support. We will also learn how to create a shared viewmodel layer, how to detect design mode and what the result is in Blend and at runtime. 1,196 more words


How to install SQL Server Failover Cluster from SQL Server 2008 onwards ?

Steps to install SQL Server Failover Cluster from SQL Server 2008 onwards :-

1) Open SQL Server Installation Center > Go to Installation from Left > Click on New SQL Server Failover installation from right… 169 more words

SQL Server

LowLevelDesign.NLog.Ext and ETW targets for NLog

I really like the NLog library and I use it pretty often in my projects. Some time ago I wrote a post in which I showed you my preferred debug and production configuration. 1,301 more words


F#19 : Exceptions

In this post we will look at how to handle exceptions. We will be covering the following areas


Bind DropDownList from DataTable using AJAX WebMethod

We will see one Example to bind one DropDownList using jQuery Ajax and C# WebMethod.


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