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Summer Vacation 2014: My Big 3 Obsessions

Every year I remind myself how fortunate I am as a teacher to have a summer break. But it’s about more than long days at the beach, lunches with friends, and catching up on my Netflix cue; summer break is a time to reflect on and renew my passion for education. 463 more words

Educational Technology

This is the part you feel proud when the Oldies say, "Children of today!"

Reagan Baah reminds us of one of those Asian kids that can code their first app by age 7. Weeell, maybe he wasn’t that young for his first app, … but that’s not the point. 78 more words


Erase All Kittens

Don’t worry.  There is nothing inhumane about this site.  And, if you are a fan of kittens and teaching kids how to code, then you will probably like it. 232 more words


The node.js Mandelbrot Set

To tie together a few of my previous posts, I wanted to talk about the proof of concept I built in Node.js. I will come back and discuss the outstanding issues in a later post. 507 more words


Week-12: php Error Reporting (GSoC’14 project)

12th week of my GSoC project is over now. The objective of this week’s work was to finish remaining tasks from previous weeks.

Tasks Completed this Week: … 193 more words


Zend Server 5.6 Crashed

So my zend server 5.6 license expired and the server link service went down. I received a message saying I won’t be able to add anymore website links unless I purchase a key. 156 more words