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Psycho Killer


A building has 16 rooms, arranged in a 4×4 grid.  There is a door between every pair of adjacent rooms (“adjacent” meaning north, south, west, and east, but no diagonals).  390 more words


If It's Flow, It's Art

I can hear it now. “Ohhh lord Jeebus, not another programmer who thinks code is art.” Problem is, everyone who is an artist loves to play this hypocritical game where everything they do is art, even if it’s… 988 more words


Technically Supportive

It’s been a little over 1 year since I applied and was accepted to Dev Bootcamp.

Roughly 1 year since I decided to get serious about making a career change. 98 more words

Dev Bootcamp

Doctor Who's new web game aims to teach children programming skills | theguardian.com

Doctor Who’s latest adventure sees him teaming up with a Dalek and trying to save the universe, but also teaching children some early computer programming skills. 106 more words


Cascading Style Sheets

After a crazy few days I’m now able to share what we went over this past week. As usual the book made no sense to me, I tried to understand it by re-reading, but that didn’t help much either. 207 more words


Eye On Education: Brookline School Incorporates Coding Into Every Class

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Coding is not only called the language of tomorrow — it’s actually the language of today. It’s how we talk to computers to make them do the things we want. 490 more words


CoderDojo Roma @Linux Day e Google for Entrepreneurs Week

Pronti, ragazzi e ragazze?

Stavolta il prossimo appuntamento si terra’ sabato 25 ottobre, dalle ore 10 alle 13 circa, in occasione del Linux Day  e della Google for Entepreneurs Week all’Università di Roma Tor Vergata. 203 more words