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Learn Coding In A Fun Way

If you want to try your hand at learning a little coding. Then head on over to Code Academy. You setup a free account and pick from numerous coding languages such as Ruby, HTML, Java, etc… They really require no previous knowledge to get started. 106 more words


Unsigned int daily frustration

Hi all!

Today, I want to start my would be common rubric – “daily frustration”.

There are many times you may be too tired to actually see, that this time the usage of the word “unsigned” leads to a behaviour that is quite far from what you would expect. 150 more words


Integration testing azure storage - Fluent syntax


I recently set about writing a solution that’s heavily reliant on Azure Blob storage. I found my debugging cycle wasn’t nice, I’d spin up the code then spend ages in Azure Storage Explorer to work out what had happened. 202 more words

How To

Day 6 @MakerSquare: Getting sassy with layouts

Sass is a CSS extension language that helps users write style sheets.. It adds features such as variables, mixins and nesting to help you style with ease. 163 more words


Simple Recursion

Program to calculate smallest number in an array using Recursion

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int smallest(int a[],int counter);
int main(void) {
int a[]={5,8,23,3,4,29};


return 0;

int smallest (int a[],int counter)
int small;
if (counter == 1)
return a[0];
small = smallest(a+1,counter-1);
if (small < a[0])
return small;
return a[0];


C Programming

Programming with Python: List Methods

Greetings! In the last blog post, we learned about lists and for-loops. In this post, we’ll learn about some of the useful methods Python gives us to interact with lists. 558 more words


Made this bracelet, with code!

Check this out!

I’m going to get this bracelet in the mail soon, compliments of Made With Code. On their site I was able to code this bracelet (ok and a few more as well) and they’re sending me the… 61 more words