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CSS absolute positioning prevents jquery ui droppable (sorta)

This is a case of too much drinking while coding for sure.

Working Example
I was trying to implement jquery UI draggables/droppables using the example… 397 more words


Learning All The Things!!!

This weekend, I submitted the redesign for a web site I made for friends and it made me think, how it had started that I even came to be able to do this. 577 more words


A UX Approach to Front End Development

 User Experience Design, or UX design as it is more commonly called is defined by Wikipedia as  the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product” 504 more words

UX Design

Revitalizing the Retrospective

My team was initially uncomfortable with retrospectives, so our Scrum Master was challenged to develop creative ideas that would encourage engagement.

The team has evolved past its early discomfort, but their Scrum Master still occasionally surprises them with a fun activity. 53 more words


Learning to Hack - Part 5: After 1 Month at Bitmaker Labs

It was my birthday this past week.

With that, I spent time reflecting. This week’s post is about programming, and some personal reflections. We’ll get back to our regular material next week. 459 more words


That Good Ol' Coding Mindset

People much smarter than I am say that coding requires a particular mindset. As someone who once didn’t have anything near the required mindset, I concur. 1,067 more words


Back in Development

After a long break from making video games I have decided to get back into it again. This time though it is going to be a little bit different: instead of using Stency I want to use Unity.  208 more words

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