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The Mental Olympics

Idea: There should be a month long tournament of cerebral challenges where every country is invited to attend – essentially mirroring the current Olympics format but with completely new events. 472 more words


Chrome and Firefox Ajax Handling of Content-Type: application/javascript

I spent the majority of last night working on a YUI 3 datatable widget for a messaging app.  While that is a discussion for another day – what I do what to discuss is the subtle difference between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in regards to handling Content-Type: application/javascript. 216 more words


Coding: Where's a Girl to Start?

As a relatively new coder myself, I know just how overwhelming the whole thing can feel. It wasn’t long ago (at all) that I felt like I was standing at the base of a mountain, staring up and having trouble imagining that I’d ever reach the top. 489 more words

All I Want for Commitmas is a Pull Request

My good friend Matthew Brender started a fun project for the holiday season called 12 Days of Commitmas to encourage everyone to continue to grow over the holiday season by learning or expanding their knowledge with git and coding. 206 more words


Rule-Out, Probable, and Possible: Importance in Documentation Guidelines

Rule out: Term used in medicine, meaning to eliminate or exclude something from consideration. For example, a normal chest x-ray may “rule out” pneumonia.

Many of us in health care have always heard the directive “never code a rule-out, possible, or probable”, which is true for coding the diagnosis! 215 more words


Comparing execution time of some sorting algorithm in C

Beep beep boop, the loading sequence of WordPress is so kawaii.

Also, after some minutes of furious Googling, I found no online template for my DSA homework, probably because it’s too easy. 878 more words