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The New Imperative: Coding

Most parents have had the experience of being completely stymied by a piece of technology only to have a child fiddle with it and solve the problem almost instantly. 484 more words

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Poetry Lessons

In an old post, I talked about unexpected lessons from poetry writing:

Coding can show the beautiful technicality of poetry, its precision, its skeletal system.

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Day 27 @MakerSquare: Merge sort and 01 searches

Back to sorting! Today we moved on from our original selection sort into the world of merge sorting. Merge sort takes an array and splits it in half until there is only one value left. 625 more words


I'm back and school has begun!

Hey all,

Sorry about not writing for so long. It’s hard to blog when you feel that you don’t have anything important to say or any stories to tell that people would find interesting. 472 more words


Considering Coding Bootcamp? Here's The #1 Thing You Need

There’s one characteristic that distinguishes the students who graduate coding bootcamp from the ones that drop out a day, a week, or a month after starting. 193 more words

Coding Bootcamp

ICS120 - [Done with jQuery + Review of Last Meeting]

Hi again! It’s me, Kat – and I’m here for another post!
Tada~ I’ve just finished doing the JQuery task at the Codecademy, it was somehow hard (because of the unusual syntax), but I managed to do it! 183 more words


App building at teen ignite in Naperville

A little over a month ago, the Naperville Library hosted an app building session as part of their Teen Ignite initiative.

Thanks for coming out! @

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