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Data Visual: 8/20

Today I am living in the past. Revisiting all the photos and writings I have from July’s 2014 International DH conference in Switzerland and I came across the graphic the ADHO organization made for the event. 41 more words


Searching a word in a String(s)

Searching for a word(s) in String(s) is a very common coding problem which we face day to day. 

A usual solution which comes to our mind is parsing the entire string. 86 more words


Manage and extract data using python and Excel tables

User data such as setting parameters are usually stored in txt, json or perhaps .csv format. One alternative to the common types of storing simple data sets used for initial settings is through using  Excel tables. 347 more words


Blurry Images With WooCommerce

If you already use this great e-commerce plugin, you may found a problem such as a blurry images that displayed on your products archive page. 74 more words


JobJockey Bug

Hi There, sorry for my inactivity for the past couple days. Today i want to share something about JobJockey theme.

My friend Elena from Chicago asked me several days ago about her buggy JobJockey theme. 178 more words


Making muck out of nothing at all

That’s the best Air Supply headline I could come up with with limited brain power remaining and no time to blog.

I just spend valuable time I could be working on presentation preparation–or at least working to fix actual bugs–trying to figure out why an “Add a pet” button wouldn’t center. 85 more words