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Let's Code! 2015

Apps. Websites. Videogames. Online videos. These all involve some form of coding. In the past few years, there has been a major push to educate people about coding. 389 more words


Spring Framework: Spring Data JPA

Studying Spring Framework and its projects:

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a Java programming language application programming interface specification that describes the management of…

51 more words

ngRepeat directive in AngularJS

In this post I am going to explain, how we can use ng-repeat directive in AngularJS. This is my fourth blog in AngularJS series. 340 more words


Computing – How Can You Teach Pupils That Know More Than You?

A subject where the kids are catching up, head to head with or exceeding teachers’ knowledge and skills. Computing and its technology has a continuous use in our everyday lives, which has developed an obsessional generation desiring to be online as much as possible, living in a world of gaming, or self-taught coding (often driven by a desire to create their own game).   674 more words

Day Two

Today in my Back-End Web Development course we went over git, github, and loops in ruby.

Again, this was mostly review for me, except for the github part. 543 more words


The Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015

To stay relevant, you must master the skills behind this year’s hottest technology trends.

We’re not big on setting resolutions only in January at Pluralsight. We believe it’s important to strive for excellence year-round, rather than just once a year. 874 more words

Mobile Application Development

The Reflection: Ask Yourself - Why Am I Learning to Code?

If you’re reading this with any honest interest, it’s time to ask yourself a critically important question – why am I learning to code? Do I want to be an entrepreneur? 682 more words