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Ten Things to Expect from Dev Bootcamp's Phase 1

I made it out of Phase 1 in one piece, and now all I want to do is look back. That’s probably not the healthiest impulse, considering the likelihood that next week’s pace will make my last three seem like warmups. 4,355 more words

Dev Bootcamp

Data Visual: 8/1

Here is a rehash of the bar graph I made of the Farmer’s Market data on this page. Here is a coxcomb version of it, because it looks better.


Finally, a Way to Teach Coding to the Touchscreen Generation | Enterprise | WIRED

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I would love to get a coding group together for kids...our local community ed brought in a company recently to teach kids game design and it was very well attended! I have used Scratch, and think (as this article describes) Scratch Jr would be a great way to involve 5-7 year old kids in coding!

Day 13 @MakerSquare: Underscore Templates

Underscore is a javascript library developed by Jeremy Ashkenas. It provides tons of useful functions and resources to promote productivity all of which can be found in the… 365 more words


It's Not about Coding, It's not about iPads, Smartboards or Apps. WE MUST TEACH STUDENTS TO THINK...

WHEN I spend too long at my computer, working on materials to help teachers work with students, to help build understanding in mathematics and science, I start to have “panic” type attacks.  775 more words


"Friend" classes, C#, and encapsulation

Ran into an interesting situation today:

  1. Client-server application
  2. A class representing domain data that is used by both client and server assemblies — so that’s three assemblies: …
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