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Things at home

I’m in the most magical and incessantly incredible place on the entire planet, but that does not mean the world at home is standing still.  There have been events, activities, and alterations which I have had to miss thanks to my current standing in the world, and I’m reluctantly taking the time to address all of these said absences: 1,284 more words

I'm Still Here in Wyoming

Because I never like to leave a night lamp unused, I’m back and better than ever here on the 7D Ranch.  Roughly two weeks in and ecstatic at my decision to leave Cincy for the second half of my 2014 Summer; the 7D has made some memories and caused some stirs already. 1,248 more words

Cody Wyoming and Buffalo Bill

After our fun visit from Sean, Kailyn and Brady, we headed over to Baker’s Hole National Forest Service campground in Montana just outside of West Yellowstone. 1,173 more words


One Week in Wyomnig

So, I started working on the 7D Ranch roughly one week ago today.  I arrived on the day of July 8th, a sunny Tuesday in Cody, Wyoming.   1,706 more words

Landlord right of entry


Does the Landlord, or his agent, have a right to enter the premises?

The law varies by state, but every state I am aware of allows a Landlord the right to enter their property. 621 more words

Plains Indian Powwow -- Part Two

After spending a day at the Buffalo Bill Center for the West’s annual Plains Indian Powwow, we were excited for more, and even  the dark, foreboding sky the next morning couldn’t discourage us. 1,182 more words


Plains Indian Powwow -- Part One

Ever since we began traveling, in 1996, the culture of the American Indian has compelled us to learn more. We are not in any way suggesting that we are now experts; indeed, the more I learn the less I know, but we have been so impressed and filled with respect with what we have seen and learned.   516 more words