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Skipped breakfast?

So you’re running late for work, you’re not quite sure how it happened. Let’s think…you’re alarm went off at the same time, you got up at the same time and you’ve done all the same things and ….. 679 more words


Quick evening meal- paella

Since going gluten free I’ve struggled with connivence food. Being self employed with a cafe especially at this time of year we lived on tesco finest meals and take always or pasta- fast quick food. 152 more words


Discovering Gluten Free Eating

Just over a year ago my partner Jan was told that she was coeliac and had to follow a strict gluten free diet! As a result I too started to eat wheat free foods and soon discovered that the variety is still very limited and the cost is quite limiting. 47 more words


How to Survive College with Celiac

Hi Everyone! I’m still driving across the country. I left Cheyenne, WY and am hopefully in Canada by now at the Stratford festival. Fortunately, one of my favorite gluten free bloggers, Casey from… 1,086 more words


A Snack On The Caledonian Sleeper

The Caledonian Sleeper is in some ways a hangover from years gone by, but the train was busy. Quite a few people like me had been to the Commonwealth Games. 124 more words


Can I still have alcohol? What is safe on a gluten free diet?

I often see people ask if they can drink alcohol on a gluten free diet. Since I do not drink alcohol myself, I usually keep scrolling whenever I see this question asked on coeliac support groups. 428 more words


Gluten Summit Speaker Series 2: Vojdani

The next article in my Gluten Summit speaker series is now out for your delectation! Here’s the last one if you missed it. This time, I have focused solely on Dr Aristo Vojdani who explained in great detail about the immmunological processes going on in gluten related disorders (GRDs). 183 more words