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Save Time, Keep Taste with Mexican Chicken

Between Easter, Patriots’ Day, Passover, the Boston Marathon, and more, I’m sure you have a couple of busy days in front of you! Personally, I’ll be preparing a few fast meals as I run between events because I have difficulties eating out and at potlucks. 333 more words


Bread Bitch

Everything I’ve tried to write for this blog so far, I’ve read back and rejected, so this time I’m just going to write something, hope it’s not too awful and just post it, in the hope that someone other than my Mum, boyfriend and a few supportive friends might read it. 298 more words


I am the (angry) Soup Dragon

So it just so happens that Good Friday was promptly followed by Bad Saturday.

For those of you who don’t already know, I currently share my life with these guys: 458 more words

Restaurant review: Dough (Manchester) - Gluten-Free/vegan Italian food!

A few days ago was my 18th birthday, and to celebrate we headed out for pizza- gluten-free vegan style. Dough restaurant in Manchester is not exclusively vegan, nor is it exclusively gluten-free, but they do offer gluten-free pizza, bruschetta, focaccia and pasta- as well as dairy-free versions of things containing cheese. 469 more words

Eating out in Dublin while Celiac: A Review

Today I have two restaurant reviews that are less reviews of the food and more reviews of eating out while celiac. My issues may come across as a bit whiney and to be honest I think it is fear of the appearance of whinging that stops a lot of celiacs complaining to or about restaurants. 1,590 more words


Jumping on the gluten free bandwagon to make a profit.

I will just come out and say it.

I hate the gluten free craze / fad or whatever you want to call it.  I wish people would inform themselves.

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Woman, get back in the kitchen!

 So there is a definite soft spot in my heart for Nigella Lawson. She manages to be sexy, mumsy and quaintly English and eccentric all in one go. 517 more words