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Why I Don’t Endorse Liberal Philosophy

As noted, I embrace the conservative philosophical outlook and I do so for very specific reasons. Perhaps it will be easier, however, to explain why I… 782 more words


First post

Welcome to Silence for Rights – my blog on my experience of taking a vow of silence! For more information of the background of this decision, head to this page… 47 more words


Roseanne Fulton free on bail after assault

Roseanne Fulton free on bail after assault

Yahoo! 7 News, 11 July 2014

Accessed on: 18 July 2014

Commentary by: Jeanelle Mandes

Rosie Fulton, from Alice Springs – the largest town in the Northern Territory in Australia, was incarcerated in an Australian prison for crashing a stolen vehicle. 269 more words

Rant: Bangkok Doesn't Need Your Missionaries!

*WARNING: This post contains extremely opinionated views on religion and certain parties may be offended by what I have to say. If you are sensitive to anti-religious viewpoints, close this window and go on about your life.* 612 more words

Thai Language And Culture

Coercion ≠ Consent

Ladies & Gents this is an official PSA from BaldBrainsBoldBeauty.

Coercion is not equal to Consent.

Yes, you read that right.
Coercion is NOT  293 more words


An Open Letter to Rape Culture...

Dear Rape Culture,

I never imagined I would be writing a letter to an ideology. In the past several years since I have been introduced to you, and I noticed you have grown into something more. 528 more words


Coercion, force's ally

While there are people who simply take what they want forcefully, there is often an element of coercion and fraud involved. Even in most of the stories of sexual assault that I have heard from other people, there was often coercion that placed the victim in the position that made the assault possible. 113 more words

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