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Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Took a little ride to Lake Coeur d’ Alene hope you enjoy.

The reflection of the mountains and a bridge over the Cda River.

The town of Harrison. 57 more words

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Evening Sunset.

Went back tonight to the preserve and took some more photos. It was a very peaceful evening.

  It was a fun ride. I will have to go back again one more time before it gets too cold out….

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My Travels Lately.

I went to a game preserve that I have not been to in awhile. These are the few photos I have to share. I want to go back for the full moon but most likely won’t make it. 13 more words


A Backlit Bar.

I noticed that the bar at the Beacon was back lit so I took a few photos of the bottles sitting on it.

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Little E.

My little E having fun at the fair the other night playing in the cars

So here he is on the tractors. It took me three tries to get him into the cab of a big tractor but he finally climbed in and over came his fear. 34 more words

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