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BEAM @ Jalan Gangsa , Bandar Sri Damansara

BEAM cafe is located in Kepong,  factory area of Bandar Sri Damansara. 158 more words


VCR @ Jalan Galloway,Pudu

It is rare to see whole house painted with black color. Especially you wont find in Chinese people.

It is located nearby Times square, Kuala Lumpur. 150 more words


Embracing Coffee Addicitons: Two Rubens Espesso

So lately, my fashionisting for winter has turned to coffeenisting as I seek new coffee shops to study and work. Coffee love is not a new activity for me, I have embraced my coffee addiction (potentially flawed reasoning, but I figure there are much worse additions to have) and my boss says I am usually walking the halls with a cup of coffee in my hand.   76 more words


Good morning, coffee!

By Lasantha David

Coffee is not a religion, but it is close. In the sense that it is consumed very frequently in a week (by ‘worshippers’ that is) and those who indulge can’t help but keep suggesting that others too, partake to the same extent; have it five times a day, definitely in the morning when waking up, in times of distress, when searching for the meaning of life on a boring weekend afternoon or when they need to be thankful for the good things in life. 402 more words


9 Famous Geniuses Who Were Also Huge Coffee Addicts

You can’t even make it out of the house without a double cappuccino, and you can’t survive that two o’clock meeting without your trusty espresso shot. 607 more words

Salute the reuser.

It ain’t easy being green, right? Well, it just got a bit easier for me! As you might know, I work at a local coffee shop, and I just love my job. 357 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

For Some, Coffee Is A Must

The coffee addiction is very true. There are people who cannot function without, need it more than just when they wake up and have become dependent on this beverage. 151 more words

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