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Coffee is no longer my cup of tea

I moved to the Okanagan more than 13 years ago and, as a recovering coffee addict, reluctantly drank my very first Tim Hortons “double-double.” The two-cream-two-sugar combination instantly had me hooked for the next couple of years. 638 more words


Coffee Addiction; Good, Bad and Ugly

Most of us are aware that Coffee is hugely addictive, we can feel its stimulating effects in the way that it fires us up with hyped up energy (hence why it is often added to synthetic sports and energy drinks) and promotes a swift and often quite dramatic bowel evacuation (by irritating the gut lining of the bowel). 476 more words


Short and Sweet

I have been battling a coffee addiction for years. As of this weekend, I am off again. I don’t always get headaches when I stop drinking coffee. 179 more words

Daily Writing

Starbucks + Alcohol. Dream come true, or nightmare on Elm Street?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard.  Starbucks, coffee behemoth, is going to start to serve alcohol nationwide.

Is this idea a good one, or is a total nightmare? 305 more words

Diet/Weight Loss

Healthy Alternative to Coffee

Okay, so I love my coffee but I’m trying to quit.

First, I decided to go decaf but wanted a more natural alternative. I drink lots of tea but it just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as coffee does. 143 more words

Staying Happy

Letting Go of Bad Habits: Coffee

I unfortunately seem to have this habit of turning something that can be mildly enjoyable into a bad habit. Most things are not bad for you in moderation. 154 more words