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10 Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Coffee

1. It’s the first thing you think of when you wake up

You’ve barely opened those peepers when your brain already starts brewing (hehehe, see what I did there?) and visuals of dancing, steaming mugs start taking over your every thought process. 574 more words

While at Starbucks...

I really like coffee. Actually, that is an understatement. I LOVE coffee. I love it so much that I casually spend an obnoxious amount of time standing in line at Starbucks to get a five dollar latte. 330 more words


The Five Things That Make You A Coffee Addict!

Almost every adult reading this particular piece have experienced some time or the other the need for that shot of blessed caffeine. Just out of curiosity… 497 more words


From Caffeine to Water in 30 Days

I’m addicted to coffee.
It’s not just the caffeine.
It’s the ritual.
I get up in the morning to sit in my special place with a steaming cup. 296 more words


Alternative Stoptober: 30 Days To Kick a Habit

So it’s been 20 days since I gave up coffee for Stoptober and I’ve probably only had 5 cups of coffee since then. Considering I was averaging like 3/4 a day, I think it’s safe to say I’ve accomplished my goal. 72 more words

Personal Development

5 Things You Should Know About Your Friend, The Writer

(Commentator whispering with an  Australian accent): There’s the writer in her native habitat! Isn’t she lovely! Ah, but don’t be deceived! She can be deadly in her beauty. 919 more words

NPC: Something In My Home That I'm Thankful For

This post is a little quirkier than my previous posts. As today is Saturday, my mornings consist of relaxation, coffee, and more coffee. I can actually sit down and truly enjoy my cup-o-joe, instead of chugging it down while trying to make it to work on time. 81 more words