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Birthday party number two

I told you I was going to take pictures of something else than food today. Some of them are of my grandfathers gifts (it was his birthday party) and some of them are of my grandparents plants. I like plants.

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Celebrating my sister

LOOK GUYS! Actual proper pictures of stuff. I do apologize that there is only pictures of food, if you don’t like that stuff!

But we had a family party for my sister today, the food was nice, and so was the dessert, but I didn’t get much coffee. 63 more words

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I dragged Moa to Starbucks with me today

I had a Vanilla Latte. A venti skinny sugarfree vanilla latte with an extra shot to be exact. I don’t have a complicated Starbucks order what do you mean? 26 more words

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