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coffee questions.

Stop, drop and roll have coffee with me. Remember when we used to go on coffee dates? Those were serious. 

So let’s un-serious the crap out of tonight and have some fun.  144 more words

Rainy Coffee Dates

Last Saturday was a wonderful day. The weather was the perfect dreary cold and it actually rained quite a lot, which makes me so pleased. I don’t mind sunny days but I love the coolness of fall and how it just gives you an excuse to cuddle in blankets and cardigans and just drink tea all day. 491 more words


Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my marbles.

Speaking of marbles, Great Grandpa had a box of marbles that I hid from the kids because I was sick of stepping on them in the middle of the night. 207 more words


That Tinder Girl...

I had another coffee date making this COFFEE DATE #4, and this was with a girl I met on Tinder.  Before I ever went on this date I had a feeling that this time it would be different from the previous 3 coffee’s I had before, if you can recall those didn’t go as well as I’d hoped… 797 more words


What to wear?

Hi guys, so we aren’t posting as much as we used to and we are deeply sorry about that but school takes up a whole lot of time and at the end of the day you just want to cuddle up with your bed and fall fast asleep. 432 more words


3 down 1 to go...

A quick update while I have 10 minutes to myself…

Date #2 – Needles, the body piercer, was no good. We hit it off on a friendly level but I am willing to put money on him being 10 years older than he claimed to be. 179 more words

Mom Coffee

Today I joined the mom club as an honorary member. It was a blast!

I’ve mentioned The Friday Night Group before. I love them. They are wonderful and amazing. 405 more words