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Coffee date, Round 2

Happy Friday! Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief for the fact that another work week is coming to an end.  Last time we got together I told you that I was done with pumpkin coffee, and that still holds true.   532 more words

Weekends are my favorite

I never understood why adults loved their weekends so much until I graduated college and started working full-time. During college there would be days that I didn’t have class or only had class until noon, with the rest of the day off. 144 more words

October 2014

Coffee House

You could see the anticipation in her eyes

New opportunities unfolding in her mind

She waits

Trying hard not to make her excitement visible

He shows, she smiles, they’re both new to each other… 129 more words


Showcasing the finest of superficially advanced technology

One of my most absolute favorite bits of the more superficial technological advancements has to be the ability to carry around not just your camera with you on your phone, but a tiny little computer to edit photos on as well. 783 more words

This Project Is Officially Finished

Coffee Date in August

Let me write your story—about
the abuse
, she says, sets down her
espresso and leans back in her chair,
lets the umbrella split her face into… 261 more words


coffee date.

Grab some coffee, or a PSL, or some wine, and let’s have a chat, mmkay?

If we were having coffee today, I would have to make a comment on how it is possibly already October. 172 more words

coffee questions.

Stop, drop and roll have coffee with me. Remember when we used to go on coffee dates? Those were serious. 

So let’s un-serious the crap out of tonight and have some fun.  144 more words