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i spent the month of august pretending to be outgoing and wrote about it, everyday. lots of pretty pictures to look at too:  http://brownsugarsocial.wordpress.com/. caught up with actual friends and made some new virtual friends. 79 more words



buddhists have been migrating here in my neck of the woods. i’ve lost a few favorites to montana and oregon, i am still the gatekeeper for the remaining fine people because buddhists need a bathroom and i like to share my kitschey poodle-y commode with evolved folk. 193 more words



Coffee Date: Timberyard

Address: 7 Upper St Martin’s Lane, Seven Dials, WC2H 9DL

Cost: £5.50 for a soy flat white and cookie.

Every fortnight me and a friend from work and go out for coffee and slowly and surely we’ve been working our way around to coffee places in the Soho/Covent Garden area near our work. 228 more words


Coffee Date 04

Feels like I haven’t been on a coffee date for awhile, but went on one today with one of my girls from my bible study group. 148 more words


Coffee/lunch date 03

I love how working at different places you meet the most different and interesting people. Today I went lunch/coffee with my work friend from Pandora at the Lighthorse (A place I’ve been dying to try for awhile now!), we had fun just enjoying our food, talking about everything. 73 more words


Coffee/Brunch Date 02

I met up with a friend of a friend today who happens to be a chef, something you definitely pick up on when you hear the way he describes food. 118 more words


Coffee Date 01

I’ve been thinking about starting a ‘sharing a meal with someone thing’, and posting a picture with an interesting fact or piece from our conversation, kind of like ‘Humans of New York’ except its more like ‘Coffee with Rebecca.’ (Just saying, it’s not because I’m such a fabulous person that people must be dying to have coffee with me, it’s because I genuinely like talking to people and learning something about them). 250 more words