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Crazy date 1

Made a date and time to meet a girl for coffee – let’s say her name is Julie.

So we have coffee, she seems nice enough but I’m just not that into her. 198 more words

Dating - coffee only

Why I date women by going for a simple coffee and chat:

  • It is easy to leave and not be expected to continue some sort of contact…
  • 302 more words

What a Clutch!

Early Merry Christmas 🎅 to me! While shopping around for Christmas presents for my boyfriend 💖 & family; I found the most unique/feminine Faux Animal Print Clutch… 119 more words

MASTER CLASS: The First Date

A little over a week ago I met a male friend of mine for a bottle wine. We hadn’t seen each other in almost a year. 912 more words


Avoid Boring Dates....Have Sects in the City

Coming Up Empty? Not Another Coffee Date… Avoid Dating De ja vu all over again?

Why Not  Have Sect in the City?

A great date in a church, temple or cathedral? 321 more words

Page Larkin Date Guide

How To Spend Time On A Ship?

Everyone has their own favorite hobbies, and these are mine! Keep in mind that this comes from a very rare point of view, because not many crew members have much free time at all. 713 more words

Cruise Life


I’m risking getting philosophical on you guys (again?! Ugh!) but I’m writing what I’m currently feeling–the Short and Feisty Zeitgeist, if you will–so bear with me. 526 more words