At the Coffee Shop

Hello Readers,

Much like the title would suggest I’m currently sitting at one of the local coffee shops. Before Tegan was home this was such a simple thing to do that I didn’t even give it any thought. 556 more words


Bean Leaf Don Antonio, QC

It was Saturday evening when my cousin and I decided to go out and have a frappe or milk tea. We walked our way to Don Antonio since we just reside nearby. 266 more words


Be Nice To Your Baristas

While patiently waiting in an oddly long line for late-night coffee at Java House last night (needed a little kick to keep me up to see… 530 more words

Bossy Boots

Taste Better, Melaka...those durian puff were love at first bite

The thing is, I love actual durians but I’ve never been a fan of anything durian flavoured – ice cream, cake, whatever. Taste Better is a small little pastry shop but everything looks pretty tempting, I can’t decide what to get. 114 more words

Food & Beverage

The Classic Coffee Shop

I finally made a pit stop inside The Classic Coffee Shop last week, located in a glass-enclosed building on the corner of 9th and Main. Brightly colored chairs, a showroom on the second floor, and potted plants lining the left wall of the shop make it feel more like an art gallery than another place to grab coffee in downtown Los Angeles. New study spot? Found.

The LA Scene

Méchant Café

eatingoncloud9’s first post is official!

I’m pretty excited about this as I can’t remember the last time I’ve written in a personal blog before. I’d like to share as my first post a coffee shop that I’ve been going to quite often lately, neatly located in the Côte-des-Neiges area right next to the metro. 117 more words