I don’t often do abstract things like this. I don’t feel I have a very good eye for it, and it may very well be true this time as any other. 138 more words


July 23rd - Habiliment

Habiliment – n 1 plural: characteristic apparatus: trappings 2a: the dress characteristic of an occupation or occasion b: clothes

“Is anyone sitting here?”

A warm voiced rumbled above me. 212 more words


A Summer Walk

It was a lovely late July day and I took a walk with my camera. This is some of what I saw…

Busy little bees everywhere. 42 more words


Yeh Hai Aashiqui 27th July 2014 Episode 53 on Bindass – Promo Snapshot

The story is about Priyanka and Rohan. Rohan is seen meeting his girlfriend at a coffee shop on the occasion of Valentine’ day and the girls working there as waiteress speaks to themselves that he is a big loser and the Priyanka’s colleague even suggests that his girlfriend doesn’t love him. 402 more words

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Folklore Coffee & Co.: Musings from Hershey

Ah, Pennsylvania, USA, the lovely location for chocolate, happiness and sunshine. It’s not just the dairy state, people, it has “Chocolate Town,” USA!

I was in Chocolate Town a few weeks back for business, and knew immediately that there would be some amazing desserts to try. Not just desserts, but the chocolate specifically, and also the coffee. With big cows moo-ing all around the PA pastures, I figured the cafe-au-lait would be a delicious choice; PA is known for its milk.  I love my coffee with milk, as you can tell from past reviews. Rare do I take it black.

After some meticulous research on coffee shops close to my hotel, I settled upon Folklore Coffee & Co.. They’re technically in Elizabethtown, but it’s not far from downtown Hershey.  Part of the reason I ultimately chose them? The…

What Else You Need to Make Your Coffee Shop Business Plan Successful

Even though there are a lot of people who are certified drinkers, it still doesn’t change the fact that coffee shops or kiosks are way too many compared to the number of coffee drinkers. 493 more words

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Wildflowers & Freedom & the Deep End of Life

There are people who encourage you to tread water in the shallow end of life, fostering safety but not much else. Then there are people like Matt, who push you into the deep end when you least expect it, drenching you in shocking cold water and in memories that leave you in awe of their simple perfection.  132 more words