The Broken Arm, concept store in Paris

I LOVE the Broken Arm. Both the store and the coffee shop.

I often come on Saturday morning. It’s small but cosy.

It’s sometimes uncomfortable but I always find a good seat at this time of the day. 49 more words


12 trips in 12 months: Kalona, Iowa

One of my goals this year is to travel more; there are so many places to explore, so Brandon and I made a list of all the places we’d… 376 more words


The Ultimate Coffee Shop: ZAMM

I think I just posted something about an awesome coffee shop/deli next to my flat and how amazing it was. I stand by that post but guys, … 217 more words


Lady in Black

It was at a coffee shop near my fav bookstore while having a conversation with an artist friend visiting to New York, I saw the reflection of a lady in black from the cafe windows. 17 more words


Who drink's cold brewed coffee?

Everyone loves iced coffee right? What coffee shops version of it is making hot shots of coffee and adding it to ice and milk and flavors. 118 more words


Rhubarb - Fenchurch Street

First off this is not on Fenchurch street, but above it – 35 floors to be precise – in the Walkie Talkie building. You cannot just turn up, you have to book a ticket, which is free but stops it getting mega busy I guess. 282 more words

Coffee Shop

Dramamine Latte

Within the forever expanding and contracting indifferent universe, we find ourselves barrelling through space at nearly thirty kilometres per second around an ordinary star  that is one day bound to vaporize the earth and any of its occupants.   258 more words