Dark chocolate ice cream - Caffe Fresco

Served with a sweet rolled wafer cookie. Single scoop 55,000 VND
Caffe Fresco, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I liked the presentation of this ice cream and that it was served in chilled dish ware. 66 more words


You Can't Unsugar Your Tea

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in possibly the most comfy chair ever. If I didn’t have to be somewhere in 30 minutes I’d stay here all afternoon. 142 more words


Enjoy two fantastic flavours of vanilla hazelnut in a single coffee cup

If you want your palate to discover new tastes in flavored coffee then you will certainly enjoy two wonderful flavors of vanilla hazelnut in one… 533 more words


I think what scares me the most when I walk into this coffee shop is not that I will run into you, its that I might not see you here. 143 more words

Across the Universe by Craig Towsely

I read your piece in a magazine that I found somewhere, probably this weird coffee shop my friend took me to, where you have to walk down this narrow alley to get in and then it’s just one big room with a guy running around filling up people’s cups with whatever concoction he’s just brewed up, and there are like seventy five cats just lying in the slashes of sunlight coming in from the windows that face this strange forgotten little courtyard that no one could access, at least from what I could tell, when I pressed my cheeks up against the glass and looked all around. 259 more words


Coffee Shop Appreciation

Most people don’t want to go hang out where they work. Do doctors hang around hospitals; do pilots want to hop on flights every day? Not so much. 427 more words

Coffee Shop

My towns home plus has this cute little cafe in it and I wanted to share with you. Don’t know why I didn’t show my drink, but it was a super delicious blueberry smoothie