G Food & Coffee Factory

Sebelumnya udah beberapa kali lewat G Food & Coffee Factory yang ada di Jl. Aria Jipang no. 1-2 ini. Tapi belum sempat mencobanya.

Kebetulan, menjelang Natal ini mereka jualan ginger cookies. 88 more words

Place To Eat

Food Friday: Bullet Proof Coffee

It is a bit of a mystery why this particular preparation is called bullet proof; perhaps because the oils are so good for you they make you infallible? 253 more words


Segarnya Ngopi di Blue Doors Coffee PVJ

Udah pada tau belum kalau di PVJ ada Blue Doors Coffee juga? Blue Doors Coffee PVJ ini tepatnya terletak di ujung luar Sixteen Denim Scale. … 74 more words

Place To Drink


One hundred and seventy-one years ago today, Chapman and Hall first published Charles Dickens’ little ghost story for Christmas to widespread and instantaneous acclaim. The initial print run of 6,000 copies sold out on the first day and the printing presses at Bradbury and Evans went into seasonal overdrive to meet demand. 1,225 more words


Take A Trip To The German Coffee Shop That Received 73 Pounds Of Cocaine In Their Latest Shipment

Nothing like cutting open a fresh box of coffee and taking a sniff. It’s a great experience that can only be made better with the presence of something to give it a little extra kick. 160 more words

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