Crankshaft sandwich - Machine Coffee & Deli

Albacore tuna melt, arugula, house pickles, Shelbourne cheddar. $11
Machine Coffee & Deli, San Francisco CA

While I liked the flavors of this sandwich, I didn’t like the bread to filling ratio. 51 more words


Give me a Typewriter

I’m not a big fan of collecting things. Besides books. And empty water bottles. And Smoothie King cups. But I’m REALLY not a fan of collecting older, antique type things. 296 more words

Time Travel

I was standing with someone on a silver platform with a control panel that looked a bit like the handlebars of an electric scooter when my younger sister’s friend Brianne came up to us. 477 more words

Coffee Chairs

I have been back to this spot when in use, but the chairs and tables get moved around, probably taken in every night, and this is by far the nicest arrangement I have seen, with or without people. 70 more words


Patience and deep breaths

Patience is bitterbut its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle. 

Its a Friday night and I’m sitting at a coffee shop doing homework. 348 more words


Digital Tip Jar Coming to a Coffee Shop Near You

The tip jar at coffee shops is often an embarrassment for the kind of people who pay for everything with their credit cards and rarely have small change on hand. 366 more words


[Interview] 6 Questions with Producer Dave Alan Johnson

BTSCelebs: Why did you decide to bring “Coffee Shop” to the television audience?

Dave Alan Johnson: I believe there is a great desire for (and need for) top quality entertainment, which not only respects a Christian world view, but actually embraces those values. 626 more words