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The Coffee Supply Chain, Part I: Growing

It’s hard to know where to start trying to explain coffee. I’ve been working and researching in coffee since 2005, and I still sometimes feel like I have only a toenail’s worth of understanding about it. 1,241 more words


Fledgling Coffee Tree

This coffee tree is about 1 year old now. It came about by accident in that a green coffee bean, much like on this bush, fell to the ground and germinated. 25 more words


Excuse Me While I Touch The Google Sky - Journey in Peru

It was the end of another busy day at Coffee Tree Restaurant and I had surely earned my rest. The spiral stair case was no longer my bane. 694 more words


The evolution of coffee

Coffee is such a common drink in the United States and in so many countries in the world, but how many people actually know how coffee transforms from crop to cup? 217 more words