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Forget Me Not

Groaning, I arched my aching back in an atempt to stretch my muscles. “I’m so tired.” I moaned.

My Father gave a chuckle, “Let’s go sit over on this rock and just soak in the beauty of this view while you rest.” 405 more words


CwG--Where do we find God in a world that's gone mad?

The past few days have been rather difficult for me…and for a great many of us. These days are filled with violence, killing, death, despair, pain, and everything else in between. 2,228 more words

CWG-Daily Roast

CwG-Daily Roast-07/15/14--God and pain

Pain is one of those things that is just difficult to deal with especially when it comes to God. I was also a professional massage therapist and worked with many who dealt with chronic pain from accidents, surgeries, repetitive use injuries, as well as people who had fibromyalgia, etc, as well as the aches and pains of getting older.I found that those clients were my favorite as it seemed that the work I did with them helped to deal with the chronic pain. 420 more words

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CwG-Daily Roast-07/10/14--Interfaith and living in your personal theology-Pt. 2

Yesterday I was talking about interfaith work and the importance of living your personal theology. How do we live that personal theology? We have to understand how the various faiths inform our theology–how it all works together. 289 more words

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CwG-Daily Roast-07/09/14--Interfaith and living in your personal theology Pt. 1

We’ve all heard the saying that we can’t be all things to all people This is true about us. This is true about worship. This is true about our congregations or communities of faith. 312 more words

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CwG-Daily Roast-07/08/14--How fit is your faith?

How fit is your faith?

When life hands you life-on-life’s-terms is your faith something that you know is strong enough?

Is your faith strong?

These are important questions that we all ought to look ask ourselves on a regular basis.

276 more words
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CwG-Daily Roast-07/05/14--God's magical, mystical ways

Spirit really led me to tell you all a story that I had heard awhile back. I was told this story at a time when I really needed to hear a story like this. 948 more words

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