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CwG-Daily Roast-4/23/14--Failure bow

I was in a class the other day and heard about this. It got me thinking. When folks who are much braver than I go flying through the air on trapezes have a miss, what happens? 354 more words

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Have you ever pushed and fought to get your way and in the end you wonder if you pushed and ran past Father’s plan?

There seems to be a running theme in my life. 411 more words

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CwG-Daily Roast-4/22/14--After Easter: The sun has risen

We have just been through Holy Week where we reflected on the trials of Jesus as he moved to his death. We reflected on the fact that Jesus was also a divine being in a human body having a very bad human experience as he was executed. 248 more words

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Wrestling of the Heart

Deep inside my soul there has been a pain and longing since my son was a baby. This longing desire has caused much pain and anguish in my  heart. 540 more words

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Musings on Boston Strong and why Beating Fear matters so much.

Fear is a net which evil casts over us that we might become ensnared and fall. Those who are afraid have already fallen. D. Bonhoeffer… 1,024 more words


CwG-Daily Roast-4/18/14--Good Friday, Love and humility

The one thing that strikes me the most about Holy Week is that we are the closest to Jesus in his humanness. In that closeness we can appreciate and take in the awe of his divinity. 176 more words

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CwG-Daily Roast-4/17/14--Passover, Exodus and faith

We hear a lot about Exodus around this time of year with Passover being celebrated. I find it especially interesting that Passover is being celebrated so close to Easter. 342 more words

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