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Coffee Can Be A Real Troublemaker Sometimes

I like to start my day off with a cup of coffee. Scratch that. I NEED to start my day off with a cup of coffee. 952 more words


Cafes, Bloggers and Reviews

Whether or not you agree with ratings and crowd sourced or blogger reviews, there is no denying their influence. Enough to make or break a business? 925 more words


Shine Coffee

Every Friday at 7 AM, Phoenicians who commute to work via bicycle, sometimes in combination with bus or light rail, gather for a group ride that aggregates their individual travel into a collective statement. 674 more words


How to save over a thousand dollars in one year

Okay, I did the math, and I realize my own folly.  I am a coffee drinker, and I just love it. And I hate it. It’s not good for me, I’m addicted to it, and that’s why I hate it. 782 more words

Mom Stuff

the waiting

And the question on Facebitch, er, Facebook today is: how many people will you get behind in the drive thru at Starbuck’s instead of parking and going in? 516 more words

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