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Pumpkin Pie Spice Macchiato Lite

Highly caloric coffee drinks don’t fit my lifestyle. But I love the idea of a creamy, pumpkin flavored, steaming, strong coffee in the fall. Not to worry! 108 more words


Rabbit Owl Depot - North Bridge Road

North Bridge Road seems to be seeing an explosion of cafes in the area lately; a week after Twenty Gramme’s opening, Rabbit Owl Depot has also started its operations right at the opposite end of North Bridge Road. 275 more words


Man Crates: 10 Items to Get You Through a Horror Movie

You know those internet-based companies that ship out boxes of “hand picked” outfits  to indistinctive drones who possess neither personality nor fiscal know-how?

Man Crates… 927 more words

Baseball Bat

Caffeine - The Miracle Drug

Enough said. Time to warm up the kettle!


Tasty Suggestions To Increase Your Coffee Habit

The majority of people know that brewing your own coffee as opposed to stopping by Starbucks everyday could help you save a considerable amount of money. 845 more words

Brew Your Own

Caffe Calabria in North Park

I’ve tried just about every coffee joint in town and nothing compares really to the perfection that is brewed in this lovely Italia-inspired cafe, or shall we say, caffe. 149 more words


Dark Roasted Coffee vs. Light Roasted

This morning at work, the ladies at Tim’s gave me a free cup of the new dark roasted coffee along with my medium double-double. What was the difference? 20 more words