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For the Horde!

Welp I have gone ahead and expanded my coffee repertoire, sorta. I went back to that KCup place a town over and got another 48 cups. 48 more words

Laura Secord's Hot Chocolate Mix

This box was given as a birthday present from a good friend and is the first Keurig Hot Chocolate that I’ve tried. I prefer this to most coffee shop hot chocolates and for sure all the powdered ones! 63 more words

Martinson's Joe's Winterfest Light Coffee

Today’s drink is one of the blends my boyfriend picked up for me, is by Martinson and it’s called Joe’s Winterfest Light Roast.

I always expect winter coffees to be peppermint or cinnamon or something of the like. 93 more words

KCup Surprise.

More like terror than surprise.

My boyfriend kidnapped me today and took me to another town, he scared the shit out of me making me think we were going to a goddamn jewellery shop to look at wedding bands and then… 198 more words

Maxwell House; Medium House Blend

Alright for my first mini coffee review I have the very first kind I tried in the new brewer. Maxwell House’s Medium House Blend. I’m not sure if Maxwell House is aware but their KCups do not work in the new Keurig brewers since all of their new brewers only accept white ring kcups. 152 more words

Coffee Creature makes an appearance

Like pretty much every other adult of any kind I love coffee. Hence the name and hence the blog.

I’ve not recently opened up to but I recently obtained a Keurig brewer of my own and I am all kinds of excited about it. 97 more words

Pact People Power: Decaf

We’re normally of the opinion that coffee should be about pleasure over politics. But sometimes the people stand up for what they want in a coffee, and any self-respecting coffee company needs to take notice. 171 more words

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