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The Cogito

“cogito, ergo sum, (Latin: “I think, therefore I am”), dictum coined in 1637 by René Descartes as a first step in demonstrating the attainability of certain knowledge. 451 more words


How Descartes Reached the Concept of Cogito Ergo Sum

The main aim of Descartes was to find a body of self-evident truth in Philosophy that will be accepted by everyone having commonsense and faculty of mind. 332 more words


Banyak orang menganggap bahasa Inggris lebih menyenangkan untuk digunakan ketimbang bahasa Indonesia. Mereka menggerutu mengenai kata-kata yang terkadang lebih bermakna ketika diucapkan dalam bahasa Inggris. Tapi menurutku, bahasa Indonesia justru memiliki sudut-sudut yang jarang dieksplorasi oleh anak muda sekarang. 102 more words


Do "I" exist?

I think therefore I am; or rather, I am currently thinking, therefore I currently am. But where does the “I” come from?

Much has been made of clinical cases where the self seems to malfunction spectacularly: like Cotard syndrome, whose victims believe they do not exist, even though they admit to having a life history; or “dissociative identity disorder,” where a single body seems to harbour multiple selves, each with its own name, memory, and voice.

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Artificial Intelligence

Coito ergo sum?

“- I-ai scos tumoarea din creier, darling. Dar te-ai gandit vreodata ca tot creierul nostru, sau mai exact, toata scoarta cerebrala, in care sunt localizate autoritatile superioare ale sistemului, adica ale spiritului, este cea mai primejdioasa tumoare cu care divagatia naturii ne-a umplut cutiile craniene? 68 more words

J'ecris, donc je suis... And I prevaricate

Excuses, excuses. We spend a lot of our lives making excuses. For things we did and for things we didn’t.  In the present context,  I mean excuses for not writing about what really ails me.  589 more words

Daily Philosophy Joke: June 3rd, 2014

This one requires knowledge of the Cogito:

Descartes and his friend walk into a bar. After they sit down, the bartender comes up to them and asks if they’d like a drink. 14 more words