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The astonishing power of a single thought

You know those moments when you’re just like “Man, that’s a good idea” or “I have to do something different now” or just anything that sounds similar to that? 341 more words


How can I be sure?

And when no doubt is achieved:

Je pense, donc je suis.


Coordinated by Mr Lemon

Coordinated by Mr Lemon. A moment’s silence from the Numpties! We knew that there would be another Mr Lemon crossword almost a year after his death but it was still a shaky moment to find it in front of us. 777 more words

Solving Blogs

Why is thinking important?

Whoever told you to subscribe to rules, pre-determined by individuals that you have never agreed to lead you, was neither wrong nor right. The path to becoming a true thinker is multifold and complex, but it’s also one of the most ubiquitously completed tasks amongst people. 663 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

Penulis Akhir Pekan

Semua orang (mungkin) akan menyukai hari-hari terakhir di sepekan penuh tekanan. Seperti saya menyukainya, setelah lama bersua dengan berbagai penetrasi dari tugas sebagai manusia di 5 hingga 6 hari, tiba saatnya menjadi individu merdeka. 146 more words

Tulisan Setengah Lima Sore

Descartes "I think therefor I am... (too cool for this s**t)"

Rene Descartes was around in the early 17th Century, and while everyone else thought it was cool to wear lace collars, puffy sleeves and men’s pantyhose, Descartes was probably rocking it in acid wash skinny jeans, shoulder pads and big hair. 438 more words


Therefore I am.

Cogito ergo sum– I think therefore I am – these words of René Descartes are familiar to us in the west but do we have any idea of the extent to which they colour our subconcious thinking and affect our whole culture? 177 more words