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Cognitive Decline With SFN: Coping Tips

As promised, this post will offer coping tips I have found helpful in dealing with cognitive issues such as concentration problems, memory loss, confusion, comprehension problems, oral language problems, and writing and spelling concerns. 420 more words

Cognitive Decline

Cognitive Decline With SFN

This post is extremely hard to write, but it is time. Yesterday, it was heartbreaking to read my close SFN’s friends post about their issues with language and communication. 557 more words

Cognitive Decline

Bells, smells, and the ageing mind

Why bad science is as much of a threat to the elderly as age itself

The bells
A couple of years ago, I moved from California to a small town Southern Germany. 5,047 more words

Cognitive Development

Everyday Problem Solving and Emotion An Adult Developmental Perspective


Despite cognitive declines that occur with aging, older adults solve emotionally salient and interpersonal problems in more effective ways than young adults do. I review evidence suggesting that older adults (a) tailor their strategies to the contextual features of the problem and (b) effectively use a combination of instrumental and emotion-regulation strategies. 465 more words

Affect Regulation

Dementia: Time to Fight Back

This post is the first in a series on dementia.

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms that cause mental decline, such as memory loss and difficulties communicating and problem solving. 535 more words

Physical Exercise

Smell Test May Help Detect Alzheimer's Dementia

The Evidence: Scientists have found that individuals who are unable to identify certain odors are more likely to experience cognitive impairment. The researchers believe that brain cells crucial to a person’s sense of smell are killed in the early stages of dementia. 397 more words

Lung Cancer

Manic Panic vs Growing Up

See now, this is one of the under-publicised benefits of having an older sibling: we break parents in so that our younger siblings need only follow in our footsteps. 771 more words