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How to make salmon jerky

Step 1)

Be this guy, OK maybe not.

Step 2)


Have a super cool friend with a dehydrator

Step 3)

Cut your salmon filet into strips and marinade them using this link- … 129 more words

Gone Fishing

Ever since I started dating my boyfriend, it seems that we spend all of his spare time at the river.  I myself do not fish, but he just can’t get enough.   205 more words

British Columbia

Review: Cafe Coho, Brighton

Review: Cafe Coho, Brighton

This is such a perfect little place to work away in peace, with a nice coffee, that I’m slightly afraid to review it… On one hand, I’d like to spread the word about this little gem of a café but on the other, I’d very much like to keep this little haven all to myself…! 261 more words


Community Engagement House kicks off a new year

By David Provost
Staff Writer

On the evening of September 30, the Mountain’s Community-Engagement House (often referred to as “the Co-Ho”) launched an informative and wonderfully entertaining showcase for the best humble servants Sewanee has to offer. 530 more words


Oregon's Siletz Bay: At the Mouth

Yesterday, I stood at the mouth of Siletz Bay (Oregon) where Chinook and Coho Salmon were surging into the bay from the Pacific Ocean. The weather was balmy. 93 more words


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Curious Coho

This Coho came aboard this summer while we were fishing off of Dall Island. The fish looked heathly and had no other obvious deformities. Has anyone else seen a split tail like this before on salmon species?

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Spawn Til You Die

The last of the salmon are still pushing up streams along the west coast. Most of these creatures have traveled countless miles while enduring dangerous predators, harsh weather, numerous fishing nets and other man made obstacles. 33 more words

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day